MPP2030 is a novel strategic partnership led by Prof. Dava Newman, the MIT Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics and Pedro Arezes, Full Professor in Human Factors Engineering at the University of Minho. The goal of MPP2030 is to strengthen Portugal’s knowledge base and international competitiveness through strategic investments in research, people, and ideas in areas of global relevance and with significant societal impact.

Within the scope of the new partnership, MPP2030 focuses on fostering research between MIT and Portuguese universities, research institutes, laboratories, companies, and other entities targeting the areas of

In all these areas, there’s an anchor of data science-intensive approaches and methodologies.

Research activities will be primarily promoted through calls for proposals for large-scale flagship research projects, with the duration of 3-4 years, and smaller seed exploratory projects, 1 year long. Additionally, under “idea sprint” initiative several different activities and events such as competitions and hackathons will be launched, so ideas will be emerging and tested.