The MIT Portugal Program, an FCT initiative, is a strategic partnership between Portuguese Universities and Research Centers, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and partners from industry and government. Launched by the Portuguese Government in 2006, and renewed in 2013, its goal is to strengthen the country’s knowledge base and international competitiveness through a strategic investment in people, knowledge and ideas in innovative technology sectors. MIT Portugal aims to create a vibrant, interactive and sustainable collaborative platform that educates future leaders in science, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation of technological systems.

At a research level, MIT Portugal is a platform to deliver world-class research in engineering systems through demonstrations in unique, integrated test-beds, fostering university-industry partnerships, contributing towards the innovation and development of emerging concepts associated with the design, testing, and implementation of new products and systems for global markets.  

For the  four years, starting in January 2014, the MIT Portugal Program will award, through FCT, 10 fellowships in each of the PhD Programs (Bioengineering, Leaders for Technical Industries, Sustainable Energy Systems and Transportation Systems).

To date, the program has enrolled over 900 students -- 660 PhD candidates and 245 Masters candidates -- from over 28 countries. 171 PhD and 215 MAs have been awarded, forming a sizeable alumni community. MPP faculty is composed of 70 MIT professors who regularly teach in Portugal, and 270 Portuguese Professors that are  involved in the Program research and education.

Last updated on January 2016