Today we can imagine-design-make, essentially in real-time. Human-centered design not only has inspirational effects but it also has societal relevance, having a psychological effect, which has changed how design is seen and valued. Technology, particularly digital technology and additive manufacturing are providing a set of valuable tools capable of providing new possibilities.

Within this research topic, research includes multiple aspects of the digital transformation that is enabling new integrated approaches for adaptive design, manufacturing and sustainable solutions.

Projects to develop cyber-physical products and systems, assuring improved user experience and value creation for society and the economy are sought. In this context, strategies for Designing at the Speed of Thought are solicited.

Synergies are encouraged for research in Area #3 and Areas #1 and #2, for example, to design, manufacture and launch revolutionary Wafer Satellites and MicroSat constellations focused on land and ocean use, algae blooms, top soil erosion, and regenerative aqua- and agri-culture.

Robotic assembly line