The MIT Portugal Program offers PhD, Masters and Executive Masters programs in four distinct fields within the discipline of Engineering Systems: Bioengineering Systems, Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing, Sustainable Energy Systems, and Transportation Systems.

These educational programs provide world-class learning opportunities – including real-world preparation for future employment – in leading-edge areas of engineering, management and policy to top students who seek to become leaders in technological innovation. We offer postgraduate programs that expose top-level graduates in engineering, economics, science and other fields to systems thinking, and to an international group of students who together reflect the global teams in which our students work.

MIT Portugal post-graduate network has brought together a dynamic consortium of universities across Portugal, with the best of MIT educational and research expertise, to create high quality teaching and research. This provides students opportunities to study at – or collaborate with students and faculty at – five Portuguese universities and engineering schools, and to receive national degrees. Many doctoral students also have an opportunity to conduct research at MIT.

Our efforts are dedicated to achieving a major goal: to create a new generation of leaders with unique knowledge and a global perspective.

The complete description of the educational programs we offer, our educational activities, as well as the profiles of PhD students and Masters’ alumni is in our brochure pdf ‘A network of advanced studies involving Portuguese Universities and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’ .  Full details of the research projects undertaken by researchers, faculty and students can be found in our publication pdf ‘A research platform involving Portuguese Universities and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to promote the advancement of knowledge and the capacity of industry to access markets worldwide’ .

Selection Process 2017

Applications are OPEN for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please find here more information on how to apply.