Active engagement with partners from industry, educational institutions, research institutions, foundations and private associations is a key component of the MIT Portugal Program. Together, we work to reinforce Portugal's scientific and technological capacity through education and research, in collaboration with MIT.

The two previous MPP phases have built a knowledge integration network that ties its education and research activities directly to a community of innovation stakeholders such as companies, hospitals, or venture capitalists. MPP has gathered a network of more than 50 national and international industry affiliates.

For the 3rd phase of the MIT Portugal Program, FCT has established an agreement for the international cooperation in Science, Technology and High Education with several companies under the scope of the MIT Portugal Program.  The main driver for this new phase of the program is the interest of these industry affiliates to become active partners, participating in a more direct way in the shaping and definition of the future of science and innovation in Portugal. Beyond promoting spaces for the exchange of ideas among government, university and industry partners, MPP 2030 will focus on developing joint research, including exploratory and larger flagship projects, which will be led by academics and industry experts, ensuring a direct impact of the findings in the innovation landscape of Portugal.

The following companies have signed this agreement to participate as Industrial Affiliates to MIT Portugal Program:

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