The MIT-Portugal Program Collaboration is based on a contractual arrangement between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, and the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation, FCT).

The governance structure of the program is based on the Program Governing Committee (PGC), responsible for policy oversight with respect to overall objectives of the relationship as well as approval of the annual plan and budget allocation for the proposed activities. According to prior agreement, an independent External Review Committee (ERC) formed by independent members from the international scientific community shall review the research program and make recommendations to the Directors and the PGC.

FCT appoints a Director of the MIT Portugal Program at Portugal and MIT appoints a Director of MIT Portugal Program at MIT. Together, they will oversee, direct and coordinate the activities of all entities participating in the Collaboration.

The Coordination Office, along with the previous entities, establish the management and report of all the activities and projects conducted by the program, ensuring its effective development.


Governing Committee

Representative of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia Helena Pereira
President of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
MIT’s senior administration representatives Richard K. Lester
MIT Associate Provost for International Activities

Maria Zuber
Vice President for Research at MIT
Representative of the Portuguese participating entities António M. Cunha
Representative of Council of Portuguese Rectors
Portuguese Industry Representative Isabel Furtado
CEO of TMG Automotive

External Review Committee

The MIT Portugal Program is subjected to a yearly evaluation by the External Review Committee. For the 3rd phase, the ERC members are being defined and should be appointed next March, under the PGC approval.

Coordination Teams



Dava J. Newman
Pedro Arezes
Doug Hart
Zita Martins
Leah Lovgren
Program Manager
Alexandre Ferreira da Silva
Executive Coordinator
Christian Prothmann
Director of Research
Catarina Silva
Director Assistant
Federico Cismondi
Director of Industry Program