The MIT Portugal Program targets research and test bed development to empower Portugal as a scalable “living laboratory” and model for the world. MPP is designing, testing, and implementing systems, new products and modeling capabilities for markets worldwide.

The MPP´s second phase objective is to implement research activities in joint university-industry partnerships to create value through the development of new knowledge based products and services. With this goal in mind, MPP researchers have successfully engaged industry and other private and public partners, which actively contribute to the support and funding of the test-beds and other research projects. In addition to the total funding of approximately €1,000,000 that is assigned to each test-bed for a period up to three years, they have successfully attracted the investment from private and public institutions, exceeding 30% of the total project funding.

Each one of the three test-beds are deeply connected with partners from the industry:

SusCity: involves leading research groups from Universities of Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, and Minho, the National Laboratory for Energy and Geology, and MIT. The relevance of this project is further underscored by the involvement and support it garnered from the Lisbon Municipality (CML) and multiple industrial partners amounting to over €750K of additional funding. Corporate partners include IBM; Novabase, a major software house; EDP Distribuição, the largest energy utility; R&D Nester, the research branch of the national TSO; ITDS, a developer of onboard monitoring vehicles devices; ADENE, the Portuguese Energy Agency.

Cardiostem: the first part of the project was developed within Lino Ferreira’s supervision in Biocant. The second part of the work in Jeff Karp’s lab is continuation of previously established successful collaboration with Prof. del Nido from Boston Children’s hospital. Their collaboration resulted in the now successful company called Gecko Biomedical with the Head of Adhesive Technologies - Maria Pereira, MIT Portugal alumni. Additionally, the project includes collaboration with visiting PI and lecturer from Ireland and the Royal College of Surgeons, Dr. Garry Duffy.

IAMAT: it is expected that the close interaction between the academia and industry in this research project will boost the competitiveness of the products designed and commercialized by the industrial partners: EMBRAER COMPÓSITOS, EMBRAER METÁLICAS and OPTIMAL.