The MIT Portugal Program seeks solutions to important societal and economic challenges by drawing on the emerging field of Engineering Systems, which addresses the highly complex, technology-based systems on which society is increasingly dependent.

To accomplish this, we have created a dynamic research knowledge network by weaving together our PhD and Master’s degree programs – which focus on bioengineering, engineering design and advanced manufacturing, sustainable energy systems, and transportation systems – with targeted research projects in the areas of Stem Cell Engineering for Regenerative Medicine, Sustainable Energy and Transportation Systems, and Materials and Design-Inspired Products. Underpinning this research is a continued cross-cutting emphasis on the Fundamentals of Engineering Systems, an approach that is embedded in each of our target research areas.

A chief aim of this knowledge-creation network is to create an “entrepreneurship ecosystem” in Portugal akin to the highly successful MIT model, in which lasting connections are created among academic researchers, laboratories, and industry; scientific and technological advances are made; and economic growth is spurred by the development of marketable products and technologies.

Systems Thinking