Exploratory research projects are one (1) year-long projects at Portuguese Universities aiming to address emergent research topics that can be identified as future research domains and that can have a high impact for Portugal as a scalable living laboratory and innovation ecosystem for the development of new products and services with a global reach, and for fostering an increase of competitiveness of Portuguese economy in the knowledge-based industry.

This should be done through an integrated and multidisciplinary research design with a view towards piloting and scalability involving entities of the National Research and Innovation System, other public and private partners and MIT.

Research activity between MIT and Portuguese universities should develop smart solutions, fostering value out of knowledge/research, promoting sustainable thinking, integrating human factors and technology, and stimulating multidisciplinary approaches.

The 2019 Exploratory Project Proposals will target four areas:


All exploratory projects have the long-term objective to develop innovative products and services with high export potential that should spearhead Portugal’s international competitiveness and innovative capacity in science and technology, and ultimately contribute to the growth of the Portuguese economy.

Stay tuned as the call will be opened soon!