claudia.duarte.jpgThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | UMinho | EDAM LTI PhD | Entering year: 2008

Thesis Title (2014):  Single Line for Assembly Just-In-Sequence Multiple Models

Cláudia Duarte has successfully discussed her thesis with the following members of the Jury: 

  • António Cunha.  Rector, University of Minho
  • Ana Paula Ferreira Dias Barbos Póvoa, Técnico Lisboa, ULisboa  
  • José Manuel Vasconcelos Valério de Carvalho, School of Engineering, UMinho
  • José Fernando da Costa Oliveira, Faculdade de Engenharia, UPorto  
  • José Fernando Gonçalves, Faculdade de Economia,  UPorto
  • Filipe Pereira Pinto da Cunha Alvelos, School of Engineering, UMinho   
  • Fernando Alberto Correia Mendo Ferreira Pinto Basto, Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Lda.