Abigail Horn

abigail.hornThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | FCTUNL | Bioengineering PhD | Entering year: 2009

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Ana Guedes

ana.guedesThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | FCUL | Bioengineering Systems PhD | Entering year: 2011| Graduation year: 2016


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Thesis Title: Analysis of the Gene Regulatory Network underlying pluripotenciality in mouse Embryonic Stem cells

Supervisors: Domingos Manuel Pinto Henrique and Cláudia Lobato da Silva

Summary: Pluripotentiality and self-renewal are the two main features that define the stemness state of Embryonic Stem (ES) cells. The gene network underlying pluripotentiality has been extensively studied and a consensual view is that the NOS (Nanog, Oct4 and Sox2) network of transcription factors plays a central role in regulating ES cell status. Still, how stemness emerges from the integrated activity of this network is far from understood. Recent work has revealed a critical interaction of between the NOS network and the FGF/ERK pathway, with the balance playing a crucial role in the maintenance of stemness. In this project, I propose to design novel reporter ES cell lines that can be used as tools to understand the dynamics of the NOS-FGF/ERK interactions, and how fluctuations in Nanog levels and variations in FGF/ERK signaling components underlie a state in which individual stem cells are able to simultaneously manifest their pluripotency features while being ready to respond to differentiation inducing signals.

Franklin De Nobrega

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Ines Costa

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Marco Mercier

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