MPP Director Paulo Ferrão is the new President of FCT

Paulo FerraoMIT Portugal Program Director Paulo Ferrão is the new President of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. The new Board of Directors, that includes also Miguel Castanho (Vice-President), Isabel Ribeiro and Ana Sanchez, will take office next Wednesday, February 10th, for a three-year term.

Paulo Ferrão has been the MPP Director for Portugal since the beginning of the Program, in 2006. He was also the Focus Area Lead for Sustainable Energy Systems for the first phase of the Program. He is a Full Professor at IST, and a renowned researcher in the field of Energy Efficiency and Industrial Ecology. His scientific career has been developed with close ties to on-field application and the industry.

The new president of FCT graduated top of his class in Mechanical Engineering at IST, in 1985. He holds a Master’s Degree in Heat Transfer and Conversion and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, both from IST. He also holds a degree from ISCTE in Strategic Management in the Context of Innovation.

IE Week Course welcomes MPP 1st year students

IEweekDuring the week of the 11th to the 15th of January, MIT Portugal Program 1st year students will take part in the IE Week Course. For five days, participants will embrace Innovation and Entrepreneurship. They will learn to realize the potential of innovation beyond conventional research boundaries, navigate an innovation ecosystem, and appreciate the value of cross-disciplinary work and different skill-sets.

Students will be taught by MPP Faculty drawn from both Portuguese universities and MIT. They will hear from Hovione Capital Managing Director Gonçalo Andrade, Science Populariser David Marçal, and MPP alumni Diana Neves, EDP Innovation Award winner, Nuno Faria, Green Project Awards winner, and Joana Coelho, Director of Analytics and IT at HeartGenetics.

The IE is an intensive course wIEweekhandshich aims to expose students to different approaches, views and philosophies that foster a creative, critical, dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Students are expected to learn from peers, faculty and keynote speakers, exchange emails and phone calls and also take time out of class rooms, during lunch time and other breaks.

The course is organized by Frederico Ferreira (IST-IBB) and Douglas Hart (MIT), and taught by Luís Lages (FE-UNL), Nuno Arantes Oliveira (IST, IN+, MPP) and João Bigotte (UC, MPP). In the first day, students attend a welcome session with MPP Directors Paulo Ferrão and Bruce Tidor.

Boston Global Immersion by BGI

BGI immersion IBuilding Global Innovators (BGI) is sponsoring Boston Global Immersion, a program designed to mentor and assist promising technology-based startups that plan to develop a presence in the USA.

BGI is a global technology transfer accelerator developed by ISCTE-IUL (University Institute of Lisbon), MIT, and the MIT Portugal Program, that targets ambitious entrepreneurs and global startups. 

For the fifth year, BGI will bring to Cambridge a group of leaders from selected companies. For ten days, December 2–11, these leaders will be immersed in the Boston/Cambridge entrepreneurial ecosystem. They will meet, pitch, network, receive mentoring, and participate in workshops. The immersion program is delivered by Boston entrepreneurs and investors from leading academic, industrial, and investment organizations. During the program they will share their experience and wisdom, as well as personal accounts of challenges, successes, and failures.

During the immersion program, the eleven selected companies working in four verticals (Medical Devices and Health IT, Smart Cities & Industrial Tech, Enterprise IT & Smart Data and Ocean Economy) will attend an intensive, hands-on training in the Cambridge area, delivered by thought leaders, entrepreneurial practitioners and established entrepreneurs.

This immersion training is structured as a series of interactive workshops, firsthand testimonials, and advice from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors; it differs from many similar programs by its one-on-one and group mentoring sessions with venture angels and other investors.

The eleven participating companies are

  • Casas em Movimento (Portugal) supplies a new type of construction that enables self-sufficient, adaptable, flexible, sustainable buildings that can move to take advantage of solar energy. The company can supply structures for hotels, gas stations, commercial buildings, houses, and more.
  • CorPower (Sweden) Wave Energy Converters deliver five times higher annual energy output per ton of device than existing wave power devices. This step-change improvement in performance provides a cost of energy that can compete with offshore wind in the near term and with established energy sources in the future when production volumes are higher. 
  • Eliq (Sweden) is an Internet of Things (IoT) company within clean tech, offering an improved home energy management solution for the smart-home market. Building on an award-winning energy meter sensor and state-of-the-art data analytics technology, the Eliq app guides homeowners to their maximum energy savings.
  • HydrUStent (Portugal) has developed a biodegradable, anti-bacterial urological stent that eliminates the need for a second surgery, as currently required for removal. The HydrUStent technology also avoids complications due to infections, due to its antibacterial properties.
  • ISSHO Technology (Portugal) provides a 3-D configuration tool that brings mass customization to products at about the same cost as non-custom versions. From design to delivery, the tool allows manufacturers or retailers to graphically customize products at the same time they quote product orders or plan production.
  • Lokkupp (Sweden) has developed a patentable mesh network that solves the problems of indoor geolocation with 40% to 100% better accuracy than traditional solutions. A number of select verticals will pay for this accuracy as a service, while others will wish to use the technology as a platform to launch new services. 
  • Meshapp (Portugal) is a cloud platform that provides media publishers and brands a mobile app to effectively manage content, audiences, and monetization.
  • Metablue (Portugal) Otitest reduces the pain and anxiety of children’s ear infections by instantly providing in the home a correct early stage diagnosis by using optical techniques. The company is also developing other medical-related solutions.
  • MyiArts (Portugal) is an art exhibition market/network that matches rising artists with art enthusiasts, helping to put the right art in the hands of the right person.
  • Profifox (Slovakia) created an action-plan manager that helps manage projects and organize actions for individuals and groups.
  • Sensefinity (Portugal) provides monitoring and analysis capability for businesses to sense, track, and analyze data via an Internet of Things technology. In addition, Sensefinity allows control of devices, risk mitigation, and diverse other applications in support of increased efficiency and improved revenues for businesses. 

BGI Immersion IIBGI started in 2010 and has a track record with an extensive portfolio of participants who started and grew their businesses with the motivation and support of this acceleration program. Previous participants included Movvo, a ground-breaking retail tracking solution, and DoDOC, which helps companies in highly regulated industries maintain and share complex documents, and was the first Portuguese startup to join TechStars Boston.

To date, BGI has close to 70 active alumni companies, which have raised over 50 million euro in financing and created more than 300 high tech jobs. In 2015 BGI joined the 100 Top Tech Accelerators featured in the Hot Topics Accelerator 100, the Top 20 EU Accelerators by Fundacity, and the EiT Digital Network. 

Smart Solar Water – project developed by MPP PhD candidate - at the EDP Innovation Awards

EDP inovacao Smart Solar Water (SSW) was awarded with the second place at the national competition EDP ​​Innovation Awards. The project was developed by Diana Neves,  MIT Portugal Program PhD Candidate at IST and Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, and Rui Maia, Computer Engineer alumni of IST. SSW aims to greatly increase the efficiency on the backup control of solar thermal systems. The product launched by the SSW is the SolPlug, an intelligent controller integrated into the Internet of Things (IoT) network. The equipment runs an algorithm that aims to increase the use of solar energy and reduce the electricity backup, taking advantage of Time of Use (TOU) tariffs, in order to reduce the electricity bills.   With this award, the SSW team won one year incubation at EDP starter. Next steps will be to prototype and find partners to demonstrate the product on real environment conditions.

EDP Innovation Awards aim to support and promote sustainable development and entrepreneurship, rewarding new business projects focused on technological innovations or innovative businesses models n in the clean energy sector. 

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Competition FLAD / NSF for Research Networking Programme Portugal / USA 2015

The Luso -American Foundation in collaboration with the National Science Foundation ( NSF) announces the tender opening for Proposals for the " Research Networking Programme Portugal / USA 2015 ".

Rsearchers teams in Portugal are invited to submit proposals for the development of joint research activities with partners in the USA. This program aims to promote the creation of new partnerships between Portuguese researchers and fellows of the NSF. FLAD assign up to 15,000 Euros to each successful candidate of Portuguese institutions, to support the travel costs, accommodation, conferences, workshops and other expenses associated with research partnerships. The program also aims to complement the grants provided by the NSF to North American selected partners.


Projects must be of the following areas: Materials science; Nanotechnology; Information technology; Biotechnology; and Environmental Science.

Further information at FLAD.