The Portuguese Minister for Science, Technology and High Education, Prof. Manuel Heitor, has visited the MIT on February 27th with the aim of defining the final terms of the agreement signed between the Portuguese Government and MIT. This new contract aims at extending the MIT Portugal Programa to a third phase, until 2030. 

During this visit, Prof. Manuel Heitor was received by the MIT Vice President for Research, Prof. Maria Zuber (see photo), as well as by Prof. Richard Lester, the current MIT responsible for all the institute major international efforts.

The meeting held during the day included also a meeting principal investigators of the some of the MPP seed projects, recently announced by MIT, and  a work lunch with more nearly 20 PhD students from the MIT Portugal Program that are currently doing a research stay at MIT.

Among other decisions, it was established that there will be two kickoff events for this new phase, one to be held in Portugal, in mid-April, and another one in Boston, in early June.

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Manuel Heitor at MIT 3rd phase br(from right) Prof. Maria Zuber (MIT Vice President for Research), Prof. Richard Lester (MIT Associate Provost for international activities); Prof. Manuel Heitor (Portuguese Minister for Science, Technology and High Education); Prof. Dava Newman (MIT Portugal Program Director at MIT); Prof. António Cunha (Member of the MIT Portugal Program Governing Board); Prof. Pedro Arezes (MIT Portugal Program National Director).