Lino FerreiraLino Ferreira – an MIT Portugal Program Bioengineering faculty member; an Assistant Researcher affiliated with the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) at the University of Coimbra, and Biocant, a biotechnology park located in central Portugal; and a former MIT postdoctoral fellow – has received the prestigious Crioestaminal Prize.

Since 2005, the €20,000 prize has been awarded in recognition of the best biomedical basic research project carried out in Portugal each year. It is the result of a partnership between Crioestaminal, a Portuguese biotechnology company, and Associação Viver a Ciencia (Association for Living Science).

Dr. Ferreira was honored for the work his laboratory is conducting with human embryonic stem cells. Specifically, Dr. Ferreira is in the early stages of developing new stem cell therapies to regenerate cardiac muscle in individuals who have survived a heart attack; also, therapies to prevent the heart muscle deterioration that is a hallmark of this pathology. The project is scheduled to continue for the next four years.

During his time at MIT, Dr. Ferreira was a postdoctoral fellow in the biotechnology and materials science laboratory of Institute Professor Robert Langer, recipient of the 2008 Millenium Technology Prize and the 2007 National Medal of Science. He was also a member of the Langer team that developed a waterproof adhesive bandage inspired by the paws of gecko lizards.

Crioestaminal, S. A. is an industrial affiliate of MIT Portugal’s Bioengineering focus area.

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