PAPS Meets are informal gatherings that provide the opportunity for both PAPS members and relevant Portuguese entities who are visiting North America, to meet, interact and engage in fruitful discussions. These gatherings stimulate and strengthen the relationship between the Portuguese graduate community studying/working in North America and Portugal.


On this scope, the last meeting of PAPS counted with the presence of MIT Portugal Program director Pedro Arezes (left side of the picture), CoLab DTx president António Cunha (top right side of the picture) and COTEC Portugal president Isabel Furtado (bottom right side of the picture), both also on MIT Portugal Governing Committee, to address key topics in innovation, technological cooperation and collaborative research.

MIT Portugal Program director Pedro Arezes stated the main outcomes of the past 2 phases of the program and also revealed the main directions and strategies of the actual third phase, reinforcing the commitment and investment of Portugal Government and MIT in Research, People and Ideas with the goal of strengthening Portugal’s knowledge base and international competitiveness, having the full potential to address complex new challenges of global and societal impact.

António Cunha presented the collaborative laboratory he directs, Colab DTx, highlighting the value of a multidisciplinary team and resources to enhance technological development and social impact that will foster the knowledge economy and a more sustainable society.

Isabel Furtado, president of COTEC Portugal, presented this platform, the biggest in the country related to technologic cooperation and innovation, promoting action strategies and answers to the Portuguese business community.

The discussion brought to the table topics such as the research areas of the future, the development of a scientific career in Portugal and the main differences of the financial and motivational support given to entrepreneurship and the development of new ideas and products between EUA and Portugal.