Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, visited MIT on February 4th for a full day of activities around the MIT Portugal Program, MPP2030. The primary objective of his visit was to announce the call for flagship project proposals at MIT. Minister Heitor was accompanied by FCT President Paulo Ferrão, AIR Centre Director, Joaquin Brito, and a delegation of Portuguese guests from various industries and higher education institutes.

Following his morning announcement to the MIT community, Minister Heitor enjoyed presentations of current seed and testbed research projects. Presenters included Prof. Brian Wardle, Introduction of Advanced Materials Technologies into new product development for the mobility industries; Prof. Christoph Reinhart, SusCity—Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitions, and many others. The day concluded with Portuguese guests touring several labs on the MIT campus including the Media Lab’s Open Ocean Initiative and Prof. John Leonard’s Marine Robotics Group. Thank you to all of the students, faculty, staff and guests who made the day so impactful.

Find more information on the call for flagship proposals here.

Minister Manuel Heitor Visits MIT