Pedro ArezesMIT Portugal director, Pedro Arezes, was at the OECD Conference Center, in Paris, this December 5th, to participate in the workshop "Towards effective science-industry co-creation".

This workshop, organized jointly by the Working Party on Innovation and Technology Policy (TIP) and the MIT Innovation Initiative, explored the emerging practices of science-industry co-creation and, against this background explore the question: what are the policy principles and practices of effective science-industry co-creation? The workshop was planned in the context of, and contributes to, the TIP “Assessing the Impacts of Knowledge Transfer and Policy” project and to future planned TIP work on this topic.

With this initiative, MIT Portugal in the quality of its director aims to share insights on how to increase and consolidate the different forms of interaction from where industry and scientists and civil society can work together with the goals of co-creating new knowledge and technologies and, ultimately, solutions for the challenges imposed to the society of today and tomorrow.

More information about this initiative can be found here: