MPP news canariasAntónio M. Cunha, Dava Newman, and Pedro Arezes

The 4th High Level Industry-Science-Government Dialogue is taking place in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands this November 25-27, and it is dedicated to the Atlantic International Research Centre (AIR Centre).

The AIR Centre, established as a growing international network organization involving governments, academia, industry and citizens, with its headquarters in the Azores, has been working towards the identification of Scientific and Technical programs, projects and partners, and the implementation of actions for the preservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and for the socioeconomic benefit of all people living along and across the Atlantic Ocean.

Following its creation last November 2017, AIR Centre is setting the implementation of the Atlantic Interactions Agenda, enhancing international cooperation to address major challenges that societies face nowadays, through interdisciplinary research and innovation, within the goals of UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This event contemplates two days dedicated to present the AIR Centre achievements in expanding the network, consolidating key partnerships and delivering scientific, technological and societal programs and projects.

MIT Portugal Partnership (MPP) directors, Dava Newman and Pedro Arezes, as well as António M. Cunha, member of the MPP Governing Committee, are making presence in this discussion within the framework of MPP’s next phase scientific research areas, namely “Climate Science & Climate Change” as well as “Earth Systems: Oceans to Near Space” through scientific and technology collaboration aligned with the program priorities and challenges.

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