Do you really know yourself and of the world around you? Are you fully aware of your working skills? Do you have the means to effectively transform your personal and professional life? These are some of the topics that the 1st EGOS Forum, a top-level workshop for the faculty, researchers and students from the Bioengineering Systems focus area of the MIT Portugal Program, addressed. The event took place on two separated dates and locations, 4th and 5th December in Braga and on the 13th and 14th December in Lisbon (FCTUNL Caparica Campus) and was led by Professor Adriano Freire, the President of EGOS Institute, an international management consulting and training organization.

Over the last 20 years, Adriano Freire has conducted many top-level projects for multinational, large and medium-sized companies focused on behavioural development, strategy and innovation. Adriano Freire earned his Ph.D. in Business Administration in Tokyo, Japan, and he is Professor at the Lisbon MBA (American-European MBA Program from MIT, Portuguese Catholic University and Nova University). Following Prof. Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize for his pioneering work on “Behavioral Economics”, the EGOS Forum has incorporated leading-edge knowledge from behavioural sciences into the MIT Graduate Programs in order to help participants analyse their personal and professional lives and find answers to their questions. By better understanding themselves and others, in both academic and professional contexts, they are better able to understand who they want to be.

This method defines and combines four core psychological profiles (Entrepreneur, Governor, Operational and Social), which are positioned on the EGOS Map, an innovative personality model based on solid biological, psychological, sociological, and managerial foundations. Before the EGOS Forum participants filled out an online questionnaire and received their own EGOS Maps, so they could leverage the results during the two days’ event and apply all topics (communication, teamwork, time management, stress, decision making, change management, etc.) to themselves. And with the support of the EGOS Map they were able to set their own transformation goals and determine the change paths.

At the end of the event all 23 participants were undoubtedly pleased with the outcome of the workshop, here are some of their testimonies:

The EGOS Forum was a truly revealing experience. In order to understand how we can perform at our finest and put our true potential to the best use, we need to be fully aware of our strengths and weaknesses. During the EGOS Forum, Prof. Adriano Freire taught us the EGOS methodology and gave us the tools to understand our personality more deeply and identify opportunities for personal development. The self-discovery journey that the EGOS Forum provided will help me strategize my next professional challenges and improve my adaptation skills to settings and teams.

António Vicente

I would like to say that the EGOS Forum made me realize that I need to understand my personality first, where did I come from, who I am now and what do I want in life, regarding my personal and professional life. It also called my attention to my virtues and flaws which I need to work on to become a better person with my family as well as with my colleagues at work.

Emingarda Castelbranco

The difference between having a tool such as the EGOS Map and using it in our daily and professional life, and not having it, is like making a puzzle seeing each piece of it and knowing the final picture, against making this puzzle blindly. Only when we know the shape and colours of each piece of the puzzle (i.e, when we know who we are and how we behave) we can then fit each piece (i.e, build coherent, constructive and successful teams) in its right place. No team building activities and efforts will succeed if each team member fails to first know who he/she is and how he/she relates with the others. Prof. Adriano did not just design this tool; he is also great at explaining it! I advise all research groups, departments, companies willing to boost their success to learn this tool and use it!"

Fátima Lopes

Egos Forum