Since the first program phase, MPP has hosted more than 200 MPP student visits at MIT. Visiting students conduct part of their doctoral thesis at MIT in the research groups of their MIT thesis co-advisors, leading to scientific breakthroughs and co-publication of scientific papers. Students stay at MIT for a period of 4-12 months to benefit from the immersion and rich experience in the MIT ecosystem; visits are described as extremely positive and highly influential, with students achieving strong gains in new methodological approaches, scientific knowledge in areas of interest, and entrepreneurial ideas.

In addition to the countless events and seminars available to MPP students at MIT, the MIT MPP office has been offering MPP-specific group events and seminars to stimulate the exchange of experiences and ideas among MPP students and faculty, and to expose students to relevant research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in areas of interest. Recent events include an MPP student group meeting in September 2017, with students presenting and discussing their research with fellow students and MPP faculty; and in October 2017, Prof. Douglas Hart’s seminar on the “Entrepreneurial Journey.”

In November of 2017, four MPP student events were organized:

November 9

MPP students presented and discussed their research with fellow students and MPP faculty.

November 9Participants from left to right: Beatriz Gonçalves (MPP student), Prof. Bruce Tidor (MPP Director at MIT), Prof. Pedro Arezes (MPP Director in Portugal), Carlos Teixeira (MPP student), Luís Coimbra (MPP student), Marisa Pedro (MPP student), Guillermo Pereira (MPP student), Juliana Mitkiewicz (MPP student), Thiago Sobral (MPP student), Ana Vila-Santa (MPP student), Vanessa Cunha (MPP student).

November 15

Presentation: “Inspired Engineering” by Christina Chase, Lecturer, MIT Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, and the Managing Director of the [email protected] Sports Technology Group.

November 15Participants from left to right: Prof. Pedro Arezes (MPP Director in Portugal), Dr. Gonçalo Pereira (Postdoctoral Associate at MIT, MPP graduate), Vanessa Cunha (MPP student), Ana Vila-Santa (MPP student), Dr. Federico Cismondi (Director of Industry Program, MPP at MIT, MPP graduate), Beatriz Gonçalves (MPP student), José das Neves (MPP student), Luís Coimbra (MPP student), Christina Chase (Lecturer, MIT Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, and the Managing Director of the [email protected] Sports Technology Group)

November 28 - Workshop:” MATLAB® Programming for Advanced Research and Data Science”

MIT Portugal Program students, currently at MIT, organized this MATLAB® workshop. The presenter was Gonçalo Pereira, PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems from Instituto Superior Técnico of The University of Lisbon and a MPP alumni. Dr. Pereira is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society at MIT and involved in one of the MPP seed projects at MIT. The focus of the workshop was on tools provided by the Matlab® software that can support PhD students in their research, focusing on topics related to Data Analysis and Visualization, Statistical Analysis, Optimization, and Computational Efficiency.

November 28Participants from left to right: Vanessa Cunha (BIO - E - IST), Luís Coimbra (DPTS - UC), Marisa Pedro (DPTS - IST), Duarte Dias (IST), Beatr iz Gonçalves (EDAM - UM), Carlos Teixeira (EDAM - UM), Dr. Gonçalo Pereira (Postdoctoral Associate at MIT, MPP graduate) and Thiago Sobral (DPTS - FEUP).

November 30 - Workshop: “Designing Your Life” by MIT Graduate Student Career Services.

Dr. Jake Livengood, Senior Assistant Director of Graduate Student Career Services at MIT Global Education & Career Development, and his colleagues presented on the “Design Your Life” approach (DYL), originally created by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans from the Stanford University Design Program. The MIT Student Career Services team introduced the DYL approach and engaged the MPP students in various exercises to familiarize them with the basic concepts of design thinking and how it can be applied to further their career.

November 30Participants from left to right (and back to front): Sean Clarke (Speaker), José das Neves (MPP Student), Vanessa Cunha (MPP Student), Marisa Pedro (MPP Student), Ana Vila-Santa(MPP Student), Beatriz Gonçalves (MPP Student), Luís Coimbra (MPP Student), Cátia Bandeiras (MPP Student), Carlos Teixeira (MPP Student), Guillermo Pereira (MPP Student), Tianna Ransom (Speaker), Thiago Sobral (MPP Student), Jake Livengood (Speaker) and Gonçalo Pereira (Postdoctoral Associate at MIT, MPP graduate).