Ciência 2017 is a major Science Conference held annually to highlight achievement in science and technology in Portugal. This year's event was held between July 03-07 at Centro de Congressos de Lisboa and counted on the contribution of MIT Portugal Program speakers.

MIT Portugal Program was represented at the event with posters from some of our PhD students, presentations from our test bed projects and an overview on MIT Portugal impact in Sustainable Energy higher education in Portugal.

IAMAT Test-bed project was presented by Ana Póvoa at Ciência 2017. During a 10m talk, the researcher address the aims and objectives achieved so far of the project that is focused on the introduction of advanced materials technologies into new product development for the mobility industries, namely aeronautics.

Ana PóvoaAna Póvoa - IAMAT Project Presentation

Carlos Silva, MIT Portugal faculty, intervention was entitled “Shaping the energy systems of tomorrow”, an overview of the past and current contributions of the MIT Portugal Program for the Sustainable Energy Systems research domain. After the session the researcher was interviewed for the event´s youtube page about his perspective for the next 20/30 years of the energy sector in Portugal and the work done by the MPP Program in this area.


Samuel Niza, MIT Portugal researcher presentation was focused on the work developed under the Suscity project - Urban Data Driven Models for Creative and Resourceful Urban Transitions – a MIT Portugal test bed projects which addresses the development and integration of new tools and services to increase urban resource efficiency with minimum environmental impacts, mainly in buildings. Samuel Niza was also interviewed by the Ciência 2017 team about the work done under this project and its results.


During the 3 days of Ciência 2017, it was also possible to find at the e-posters session the research work by  Andreia Santos, Miguel Neto, Raquel Figueiredo, Sara Freitas, Sónia Cunha under the theme "Engineer sciences and technology” representing also their host institutions at this event.

The event also counted with the participation of Diogo Pinto. As an high school student, Diogo developed a reseach study in Sustainable Energy Systems with the MIT Portugal and Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Centro Ciência Viva under the framework of the M2CE project - Promoting Engineering at High Schools. He was also present at Ciência 2017 to share his experience woriking with our reseachers. 

This year´s meeting celebrated the 50th anniversary of the creation of JNICT (Junta Nacional de Investigação Científica e Tecnológica) and the 20th anniversary of FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia), and highlighted once more the main challenges of the Portuguese scientific community by bringing together researchers and invited participants from all sectors of society.