From the patients Empowerment to the new role of physicians: 
a new paradigm under discussion by MIT Portugal

The increasing capacity of each individual to monitor and manage their health without medical attention entails new challenges that cannot be ignored. This was one of the main topics of the International Industry Roundtable (IIR) promoted by the MIT Portugal Program, which took place on Monday, April 3rd, at the CEDOC Auditorium from the NOVA Medical School in Lisbon.

More than 80 scientists, entrepreneurs, leaders from the retail, telecommunications and medtech industries and MIT Portugal students, were gathered to discuss the main challenges of this sector under the theme: “A Doctor in My Closet; a Nurse in My Purse: New Paradigms in Healthcare Monitoring, Management and Communication”.

The event counted on the participation of speakers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Fraunhofer Institute, the Finnish investor Seppo Makinen, and a set of innovative and emerging companies based in Portugal, such as PLUX, Tonic App, SerFarma, Beepcare, Nutricritical, NIESM, MyNurse, SensingFuture, e Nuada. The event is also supported by Healthcare City and P-BIO – Portugal´s Biotechnology Industry Organization. In addition to the Roundtable speakers, the event was attended by decision-makers from large business groups in areas related to Health, Portuguese and foreign venture capital funds, scientists, doctors, and associative leaders.

The International Industry Roundtables (IIR) are an ongoing initiative of the MIT Portugal Program in collaboration with multiple academic and business entities and this is the second edition dedicated to New Technologies for Health. The IIR aim is to use the neutral grounds of academia to bring together entrepreneurs, company executives, policy makers, scientists, engineers and graduate students around topics where cutting-edge technology is put at the service of sustainable economic and social development. The focus is to bridge views and find common objectives between industry and academia, as well as within industry and within academia.

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