Press Release: DACHOR's research distinguished by the non-profit organization Associação Salvador

DACHOR was awarded with the 1st place at "Ser Capaz" - Investigation and Technology Annual grant promoted by the non-profit organization Associação Salvador.

Aware of the important role technologies play in the quality of life of the disabled, Associação Salvador supports the investigation in different study fields related to reduce mobility trough the annual “Ser Capaz" - Investigation and Technology Annual grant. This year the association awarded the DACHOR project with the 1st place. The DACHOR, a research project promoted by  MIT Portugal Program, aims for the development of an innovative powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) with hybrid actuation to aid individuals with reduced mobility and neuromuscular disabilities. The public ceremony for the award and honorable mentions will be held Jan. 16 (6:30 pm) at BES Arte & Finança centre.

Press Release: MIT Portugal Energy Club

MIT Portugal Energy Club: A new organization initiated by MIT Portugal current students and alumni

The MIT Portugal Energy Club is a new organization that aims to bring together multiple actors of the energy sector (academic community, business sector and civil society) at the national level. We want to increase the interaction between research groups and the Portuguese national companies in the sector , said Gonçalo Mendes, one of the co-founders of the organization, stressing the importance of the communication between the two sectors. Break down the boundaries between researchers, students, companies and capital in the energy sector is one of the main motivations of the MIT Energy Club Portugal. Our goal is to create a forum for discussion and knowledge transference , said Antonio Lorena, also co-founder of the MIT Energy Club Portugal.

Press Release: Cell2B wins the life sciences track at “BES Inovação” with the project ImmuneSafe

Cell2B, a biotechnology-based start-up founded by students from the MIT Portugal Program, is the 2011 winner of BES National Innovation Contest at Health Technology and Biotechnology track. Cell2B received the award for their project ImmuneSafe, the first product that Cell2B intends to launch to the market.

“ImmuneSafe is a cell therapy designed for patients who have shown signs of rejection after bone marrow transplantation and allows the modeling of the immune system in cases of acute rejection" explains David Malta, CEO of Cell2B.

Press Release: 3rd place for MIT Portugal student at international workshop promoted by NASA and C3P

André Pina's presentation - "Designing the transition to sustainable energy systems: The Green Islands Project in the Azores" - was awarded with the third place for "Best Presentation" in the recent 9th Technical Workshop on Environment and Alternative Energy. The workshop was promoted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Center for Pollution Prevention (C3P) and was held at the European Space Agency (ESA) between 15-18 November in Noordwijk – Holland. André Pina is a PhD student at Instituto Superior Técnico under the MIT Portugal Program.

Press Release: From A to B at the reach of your hand

The strong economic and social changes that have occurred in developed and emergent cities in recent decades led to an increase of urbanized areas. Therefore its citizen mobility is seen as a key element for their functionality and constitutes a permanent challenge for transport planners. Now a new software program provides real-time advice on the best way to travel between a given point A and B with a precise prediction of the arrival time. The program, developed at Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal) in partnership with MIT Portugal Program, takes in consideration several factors such as best route, travel time, actual location of the public transports and current speed for that time and route.