Urban Patterns like you have never seen them – a tool developed by MIT Portugal and MIT PhD students

Daniel Wiesmann (MPP PhD Student) and David Quinn (MIT PhD, graduated this summer) have developed an interactive web-map that allows for an integrated understanding of resource use in cities- Urban Energy Patterns. By displaying measures of construction material (kg/person), building and transportation energy use (kWh/person) and population density (people/km2), the researchers hope to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between these measures and urban development patterns. Thanks to a Google Map satellite imagery, users can examine specific urban areas, and automatically generate a detailed PDF report of the area which they examined.

This work was motivated by a desire to better understand how spatial patterns can be related to material and energy use in cities and therefore the two PhD students have mapped 40 cities across the United States hoping to contribute to the public discussion of urban sustainability. The data shown in the web-map uses a combination of publicly available datasets, survey data, and sophisticated spatial analysis methods at a high-resolution, enabling the prediction of values in cities where some data was not available.

Daniel Wiesmann (DW) gives his personal insight into the development of this project.



Green Campus Challenge Awards Universities' Teams

prémios GCThe team from the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon, presented the best project to increase energy efficiency at a Portuguese University Campus.

The Green Campus Challenge aims to contribute to the implementation of energy efficiency measures in Portuguese Universities’ Campus. More than 81 multidisciplinary teams consisting of students, teachers and technicians and covering a total of 320 people from 49 institutions of higher education have registered for the 1st edition of this university challenge in order to analyze and develop energy efficiency plans for the institutions where they study and work. If implemented, the 12 best projects, could lead to a saving of 1.9 GWh/year. The first prize went to the team A-Team++ from the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon, that was awarded with € 6,000.

The Green Campus achieved in its first edition a wide range of participation in higher education institutions from north to south of Portugal, motivated by the importance and visibility that this issue has gained. Furthermore these institutions showed a strong involvement in the process ensuring the teams' access to the necesary information and support to execute their projects. Therefore the number of projects submitted and the high quality of these, demonstrated a high performance by the teams with many hours of work incorporated into the project development.


Two MIT Portugal students were accepted for a world-class program in Silicon Valley to change the life of a billion

Singularity UniversityWe’re very glad to announce that this year two of our PhD students got admitted to the Graduated Studies Program (GSP) of Singularity University held at NASA research center in the heart of Silicon Valley. Zeus Guevara and Michal Monit, are 2nd year students in the Sustainable Energy Systems, and from June 16th until August 26th, they will be attending this year’s the GSP12 program. Singularity University was jointly founded by Dr. Peter H. Diamandis and Dr. Ray Kurzweil and embroiders the concept of a new university that could leverage the power of exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges. The GSP receiver this year received close to 3200 worldwide applications.

Even in the face of crisis we do live in the age of rapidly accelerating innovation and exponentially growing technologies. Nevertheless, grand challenges still persist – poverty, limited access to water and energy, health, to name a few. This is where Singularity University (SU) comes in with its Graduate Summer Program’s (GSP) objective to positively affect the life of billion people in less than 10 years. The recipe for success is simple – assemble, educate and inspire a group of 80 future leaders from around the world, mix them in with most successful entrepreneurs, business people and decision-makers from Silicon Valley and beyond. Add to that support from top companies and NGOs, such as Google, Microsoft, Kauffman Foundation and for 10 weeks spent at NASA Research Center direct their group efforts on tackling one of the humanity’s grand challenges.

If you’d like to share Zeus and Michal’s experience and support their participation you can do so at:

 Zeus’s pages Singularity in Mexican Style & Rally campaign

 Michal’s pages MM & Singularity Random Thought & Rally campaign

Congratulations to MPP PhD student Michaela Simcikova - a MIT 100K semifinalist!

MIT BioInnov MishaPoster 03Michaela Simcikova, a MIT Portugal Program PhD student in bioengineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, has just been selected as semifinalist for the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition business plan contest in emerging markets. The MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition is a yearlong educational experience that encourages MIT students to act on their talent, ideas, and energy to produce tomorrow’s leading firms.  Michaela business plan for Glyanet, an e-health field company, is now running for the first prize at the May 15th Finale.

Michael came in contact with her partners at Glyanet, in an impact-oriented class at MIT, where she is currently to complete part of her research work. Inspired by this class  and supported by Jhonatan Rotberg's guidance - director of the MIT NextLab Program- Michaela started from the original idea of her Colombian team mates and help them to developed the  business strategy that is now a semifinalist at the MIT100K business plan contest in emerging markets.

Musikki has won this year's ISCTE-IUL MPP VC

Musikki is this year's  winner of  ISCTE-IUL MIT Portugal Venture Competition - the most important of its kind in Portugal.

  • The Start-up awarded with the 200.000 Euros in financial support.
  • The founders will now have the opportunity to double the financial support through the execution of the business plan.
  • Announcement of the 3rd edition of the ISCTE-IUL MIT Portugal Venture Competition

Musikki - presentation Video.

418177 10150701224340196_410225105195_11836075_914415626_nMusikki has won the 2nd edition of ICTE-IUL MIT Portugal Venture Competition.  The specialized motor search founded by João Afonso, Juliana Teixeira e Pedro Almeida, provides users with all the information related to an artist/band, and all is just a click away. The competition is promoted by ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon- and Caixa Capital, in partnership with MIT-Portugal and MIT entities - Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation and the Sloan Business School.