E3 Forum – Millennial Generation: Lost or Found?

E3 Forum Initiative

E3 Forum – Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship is an international conference organized by PhD students from the MIT Portugal Program and will take place at Pavilhão do Conhecimento, May 22-23, 2014. This year’s topic for the conference is Millennial Generation: Lost or Found? It will look at the future of the generation now entering the professional labor force, promoting an environment for the success of people in business and academia—entrepreneurs, innovators, policy makers, educators, and masters and PhD students.

Confirmed speakers include Roland Clift (International Society for Industrial Ecology), András Dinnyés (Biotalentum), Mark Jusczak (Delta Consulting), Manuel Lima (Codecademy), João Pedro Mortágua (CeiiA), David Rose (MIT Media Lab), Helena Vieira (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa), Pedro Vilarinho (COHiTEC), and Guy Villax (Hovione).


E3 Forum in Numbers (2011-2013, three editions)

70 Companies’ representatives                  120 Speakers               540 Participants

Since its first edition in 2011, E3 Forum has received enthusiastic feedback from the participants and the general public. This response has inspired the volunteers on the organization team to continue developing this initiative.

Why an E3 Forum Conference?

E3 Forum is an initiative focused on the new generation of young, innovative, technical professionals. This conference aims to invest in these highly qualified professionals by providing them development opportunities, discussing their impact on society, and promoting their active participation in Portuguese social and economic development.

What will be discussed in E3 Forum?

This 4th edition of the E3 Forum will discuss the future and influence of the millennial generation, the most recent to enter the professional employment market. The forum will focus on the new professionals’ approach to the job market and how they can adapt to define or redefine their professional trajectories.

A broad range of speakers representing different areas of expertise will present many different points of view, and will address participants’ questions and concerns, as well.

On May 22, before the main program, the E3 Forum will feature workshops to help forum participants to develop knowledge and skills relevant to their professional lives.

The 4th Edition of E3 Forum will feature, for the first time, an Ignite initiative. This will be an excellent opportunity for participants to present their ideas to the E3 community. It will follow the format of Ignite events: an informal environment where each speaker has five minutes to pitch a topic of his/her interest that fits the overall focus of the E3 Forum. This session aims to promote sharing of ideas and development of networking connections among participants. Participants who wish to share an idea, history, curiosity, theory, experience, or passion should submit an application on the Ignite webpage or during E3 registration.

In addition to the various sessions, workshops, and round tables, E3 Forum will also feature a poster/prototype competition in three categories:

  • Most Innovative Product/Technology
  • Best Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Scientific Breakthrough
  • Free participation in a 1-2 day workshop organized by Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresário (all categories)
  • A cash prize of €1000, promoted by Fundação PT (Most Innovative Product/Technology category)
  • Other prizes to be announced

Winners of the poster competition will receive:

Poster templates are available for download here. Participants should submit their posters to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by May 9. Prototypes are encouraged. Notify the E3 organization (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you are submitting a prototype and will need any specific equipment, space, etc., so the organizers can meet your requirements for space and safety.

GlucoWise wins Building Global Innovators 4th Ed

GlucoWise is the winner of the major Portuguese Venture Competition, Building Global Innovators™ (BGI), promoted by ISCTE-IUL, MIT Portugal, Caixa Capital,  Deshpande Center for Technical Innovation and the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.

  • Startup awarded with financial support of €100,000 can achieve €400,000;
  •  Serial entrepreneurs and keynote speakers Jonathan Fleming (Oxford Bioscience Partners), Carlos Oliveira (Pathena SGPS), Peter Vesterbacka (Rovio) and Stephan Morais (Caixa Capital) shared key strategies for entrepreneurial success;
  • 5th Ed. kick-off on 20th March 2014.

GlucoWise, developed by the founding members George Palikaras, Frederico Bastos  and Quinton Fivelman, is an affordable, non-invasive, glucose-sensing device. A revolutionary technology that allows diabetics to accurately and continuously monitor their blood sugar levels to better manage their condition. The glucose readings are instantly displayed on the device or can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile app, where the patient can manage data and receive alerts. The data are then securely uploaded to a cloud-based system, available to the patient or a doctor. The international competition for entrepreneurship and innovation is hosted by ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute, in partnership with Caixa Capital, the MIT Portugal Program, the Deshpande Center for Technical Innovation and the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. 

(Comunicado de imprensa em  pdf Português )


Bio-inspired glue keeps hearts securely sealed

New Adhesive may improve how surgeons treat congenital heart defects and other heart problems

Maria José Pereira, MIT Portugal PhD, is joint first author of the article on the cover of the Science Translational Medicine. The work now published was developed while Maria Pereira, while still a PhD student, was at Jeffrey Karp’s laboratory, Division of Biomedical Engineering, BWH Department of Medicine, under our program. Maria José PhD's supervisor, Lino Ferreira, Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology researcher and MIT Portugal  Bioengineering Faculty Member,  also signs the research paper.

(Comunicado de imprensa em pdf Português )

MIT Portugal researcher distinguished by USA organizations

The renowned international organizations USAID, The Wilson Center's Comparative Urban Studies Project, International Housing Coalition, World Bank, and Cities Alliance, have distinguished Vasco Portugal research work. The MIT Portugal Program PhD candidate together with two MIT colleagues, have won the Competition for the best research Innovation in Urban Development. Presented in November in Washington D.C., their findings will be published on a special publication featuring solutions-oriented research on reducing urban poverty.


(Comunicado de imprensa em  pdf Português  )

MIT Portugal is a partner of two projects distinguished by the Green Project Awards

GPAEvery year the Green Project Awards acknowledges projects that aim for the development of good practices in sustainability.  This year, the awards distinguished with honorable mentions the Initiative Green Campus and the project SMARTGALP at the tracks Mobilization Initiative of Sic Notícias and Information Technology, respectively. Both projects are the result of collaborations with the MIT Portugal Program, in partnership with research institutions and companies, and reflect the commitment of the program in promoting sustainability. The awarding ceremony was held on October 29, at the Champalimaud Foundation.

[Comunicado de imprensa em  pdf Português ]

The Green Campus Initiative - Energy Efficiency Challenge in Higher Education, aimed to encourage the promotion of energy efficiency at the higher education network through a competition that counted with the participation of students, faculty and staff. In teams, the participants analyzed the energy efficiency of the buildings where they study or work, proposing measures to reduce energy consumption. The project was distinguished at the Mobilization Initiative of Sic Noticias track, highlighting the strong commitment from Universities in promoting energy efficiency at their campus. From all over the country, 49 institutions submitted 57 school buildings for analysis, with 81 teams analyzing 35 of these buildings and proposing energy efficiency projects. The 12 finalist teams presented measures that have the potential to lead to energy savings of 1,122,920 kWh of electricity / year and saving 1.056 CO2 ton/year of carbon emissions. The project was promoted by the Instituto Superior Técnico, through the IN+ Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, in partnership with INTELI - Intelligence and Innovation and the ESCO Self Energy, with the institutional support of the MIT Portugal Program. The Green Campus was funded through the PPEC - Plan for Promoting Efficient Use of Energy, an initiative promoted by ERSE - Energy Services Regulatory Authority.

SMARTGALP was awarded with an honorable mentions at the Information Technology track.  SmartGalp is a pilot project to assess the potential of smart metering to improve efficiency and reduce costs. This project, developed by Galp Energia in partnership with MIT Portugal Program and ISA, has revolutionized the relationship between consumers and the energy supplier.   The information is collected by a set of devices that is analyzed and made available through an innovative platform for interaction with users, a portal that can be accessed via computer and mobile phone (Android or iPhone). The information provided can motivate users towards behavioral changes in terms of energy saving and contribute for a more efficient modeling of energy consumption at the home environment. Users access to information related to their energy consumption but they also get information related with the costs and environmental impact of its uses, empowering them to take an active role in energy efficiency.

In total 19 projects that promote sustainable development were today honored at the ceremony of the Green Project Awards.

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