Entrepreneurship and Innovation – MPP highlighted at the magazine “Actualidad€ - Economia Ibérica”

The last edition of Actualidad€ - Economia Ibérica was dedicated to the ones that promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Portugal. The article included a 4 page interview with MIT Portugal Program director, Paulo Ferrão, focus on how MPP is promoting Entrepreneurship at the University level in Portugal and the emergence of technology based businesses. As the Iberian  magazine puts it: programs like this “are ensuring that the future of Innovation in Portugal is also promising”.

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Read the full interview pdf here  [01-04-2013, Actualidad€ - Economia Ibérica]

BGI finalists on the news

 This year’s Building global innovators’ finalists continue to gather media interest.

Last week, RD Fixer and Veniam, were on the two national newspapers: As Beiras and Correio da Manhã.

Life Sciences Track Finalist: RD Fixer (Portugal): João Barreto, João Salgado and Rui Melo. RD Fixer is a high performance visualization system to guide endoscopic surgeries.

Sustainable Energy Systems and Transportation Track Finalist is Veniam (Portugal, USA): João Barros, Susana Sargento, André Cardote, Luísa Lima, Robin Chase and Roy Russell. Veniam is a seamless low-cost vehicle-based internet infrastructure for fleet management.

You can find here the links for more BGI’s media clips.

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Green Islands Project at the MIT Industry Liaison Program

connorsStephen Connors is the Director of the Analysis Group for Regional Energy Alternatives (AGREA) research group within the MIT Energy Initiative. Connors works on projects emphasizing the responsible evolution of regional energy infrastructures throughout the world and has work in close collaboration with MIT Portugal projects concerning Sustainable Cities and more specifically in the Green Islands Project.

On a recent interview for the MIT Industry Liaison Program (ILP), Stephen Connors referred to the MIT Portugal Program' project as an example of an undergoing plan to implement renewable sources of energy.

High Penetration Renewables

As more renewable sources of energy are implemented to offset fossil fuel production and use, a different architecture invested in fast and flexible generation or electricity storage will be necessary. Since it will shift energy loads between various energy sources every component of the system requires a high level of coordination. Connors is putting this thinking into real-world practice with the Green Island project. Sponsored by the MIT Portugal Program, a collaboration between the Portuguese government and companies, Portuguese university partners and MIT-affiliated companies, Connors is helping the islands of the Azores invest in a reliable energy solution based on renewable sources to replace economies traditionally run on petroleum. “The Azores have geothermal, solar, and wind sources of energy. The real challenge is looking to see how they fit together on a day to day basis and year to year basis to see how we can evolve their islands to be energy self-sufficient,” he explains.

Read the full article here.

The bold Startups in Portugal by The New York Times

On the past December, The New York Times in collaboration with the Reuters Agency published a news article about the Startups environment in Portugal.

The latest Eurostat data show Portugal had the third highest "birth rate" of company startups in Western Europe after France and Holland in 2009, before the sovereign debt crisis, more than a third higher than neighbouring Spain or Ireland.

Insight: From Cakes to Tech, Bold Startups Defy Portugal Crisis, quotes in its text Daniela Couto, Cell2B CEO and MPP alumnus on the entrepreneurship spirit patent nowadays in Portugal:

"There's an urge to change and do business better," said Daniela Couto, co-founder of Cell2B biomedical startup that raised about 1 million euros earlier this year, mostly from private investors in Portugal, Spain and the United States.

Full article now ony available at Reuters and other media.

MPP Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative (IEI) at Revista BiT

José Estabil, IEI Program Director at MIT, in interview at technology magazine BiT, on how any stage is good enough for innovation and to find innovators. It is also discussed the ISCTE –IUL MIT Portugal venture competition “Building Global Innovators”, now on its 3rd Edition. Read the full interview here.

In the same article it is highlighted MIT Portugal innovative education programs and its strong commitment to entrepreneurship.

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