SilicoLife highlighted in Exame Informática

SilicoLife, a biotechnology spinoff created during the first years of the MIT Portugal Program (MPP), was recently highlighted in “Exame Informática,” a nationally distributed Portuguese computer magazine. SilicoLife founder Prof. Isabel Rocha, a faculty member at the University of Minho and in the MPP program, organized this year’s MPP Bio-Innovation Teams project. The project explores how to market mathematical and computational tools developed in the bioinformatics and systems biology group at the University of Minho.

SilicoLife creates computational biology solutions for the life sciences based on bioinformatics and systems biology. Its main focus is the development and commercialization of optimized microbial strains for the production of specific target compounds such as bio-fuels, food ingredients, or bio-polymers. The objective is to use dedicated mathematical models, robust algorithms, and user-friendly software tools that accelerate and improve microbial strain design and bioprocess optimization, reducing R&D efforts and shortening the time to market of new biotechnology-based products.

Read more about SilicoLife at the t SilicoLife at the pdf news article .

Also at the MIT ESD newsletter.


Portugueses Pelo Mundo in Boston with the participation of a MPP PhD

Portugueses pelo Mundo is a Portuguese television program at RTP, that  show us the reality of Portuguese citizens who live in another country. Each episode corresponds to a different city around the world. On a recent episode, aired first on March 2013 but just recently available online, Portugueses pelo Mundo was in Boston and Vasco Portugal, a MIT Portugal Program PhD candidate, was one of the hosts. With him we got a glimpse of the MIT campus and the laboratories where research is integrated within the markets demands and highly funded by companies.  Vasco also showed the prototype he developed of a built-in sidewalk charger for the CityCar now featured at the MIT Media Lab . The innovative and playful teaching methods that characterize MIT were also highlighted during the TV program.  But of course the life of a PhD candidate is now just work, and we got to know the best place to  best Portuguese restaurants to go when you feel a little bit homesick and also the night life of this wonderful city.

You can access the full program.

BGI – A truly global event

bgi deBuilding Global Innovators is going global! Twelve BGI teams are already at MIT, Boston, for an intensive 2 week business development trip: BSim2, Cardiocare, D-Orbit, HybPAT, LikeHack,, RDFixer, trade dare, Veniam, Waydip, Aroundknowledge, Metablue. Professor Dava Newman, MIT Portugal Director, welcomed the start-ups on the first day. Then the teams had the opportunity to discuss their projects with Jos Scheffelaar/Launch in US, Bill Aulet/Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and Abi Barrow/Massachussetts Technology Transfer Center.

So far, the first 3 BGI editions counted with almost 300 applications form 27 different countries, from these 60 were selected as finalists that have received more than 3 000 hours of training. BGI assisted on the establishment of 48 start-ups that in total were able to capture to conquer 15 M€ in investment and created 130 new jobs.

The current road show is also paving the way for a truly international partnership and the next stops will include France (online), Brasil (online), Porto, Aveiro e Coimbra.

Read more on the initiative aims at Diário Economico [29-04-2013] and follow the link for Dinheiro Vivo.

bgi de 2

Waydip: from theory to the streets of Covilhã

Waydip, gained shape during the ISCTE-IUL MIT Portugal venture competition Building Global Innovators, where it was awarded with the 1st Place at the Sustainable Energies & Transportation track (2010). Since then the awards have been more than many, and now Wayenergy, the product presented by the Waydip team, is going to be implemented at Covilhã’s streets.

Waynergy developed by the Francisco Duarte and Filipe Casimiro, graduates from Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI), captures the kinetic energy released by people and vehicles in motion, and transforms it into electric energy. With the intent to test on the real world the technology and to reduce its costs on energy, the city of Covilhã decided to implement the system on two of its main streets. This will be a significant test for Waydip, which main objective will be test the product before reaching the international markets.

For the full story watch the video at Sic Notícias.


Watt-IS, MPP start-up, at TSF's Mundo Novo

Watt-IS is a start-up, created by MIT Portugal Program' students and faculty, that aims to provide household consumers that have smart meters installed to a broader range of information about their electricity consumption and how they can be more energy efficient. André Pina, one of the founders and MPP alumnus PhD, was recently at Mundo Novo, a program dedicated to science and technology at a TSF national radio, and explained how the enterprise was born and how far have they gone into this business project.  

Listen to the full interview at TSF’s website