Carlos Silva and Miguel Centeno Brito, both MIT Portugal Program Faculty, interviewed on Portugal's green energy sector and Chinese investment

CGTN, the English version of the Chinese international news station broadcasted in over 120 countries, visited Portugal for a story about Portugal's advances in renewable energies and the growing Chinese-Portugal partnership. Carlos Silva and Miguel Centeno Brito, both MIT Portugal Program SES Faculty members, were both interviewed.

The TV report is online ate the CGTN website

MPP PhD Candidate, Henrique Pombeiro, article on the "evaluation of the thermal comfort of users with air conditioning" in "O Instalador" Magazine

Henrique Pombeiro is a PhD candidate at the MIT Portugal Program & at the KIC InnoEnergy Program and a Founding Member of the MIT Portugal Energy Club. Henrique is also a founding partner of the Energy Sector startup – Watt-IS - a spinoff from the MIT Portugal Program that promotes energy efficiency to consumers where he has developed data analysis and processing algorithms and helped in the management of the company. 

Recently the Portuguese Magazine specialized in Buildings and Energy "O Instalador" published one of his papers entitled pdf "Determinação probabilística adaptativa de conforto térmico através da interação de utilizadores com ar condicionado. Desenvolvimento de um algoritmo de reinforcement learning" (2.58 MB)  ("Probabilistic adaptive evaluation of the thermal comfort through the interaction of users with air conditioning. Development of a reinforcement learning algorithm") co-authored by Carlos J. G. Gomes and Carlos Silva. 

The article is focused on the development of an algorithm for learning the thermal comfort of users through interaction with the air conditioning system. The algorithm is developed through reinforcement learning, by defining positive reinforcements when the algorithm controls the air conditioner without the user altering its state, and a negative reinforcement when the user changes the definitions of the air conditioning defined by the algorithm. The methodology is based on the definition of stochastic matrices. The results show that the algorithm is successful in determining in determining the comfort temperature of a user.

Professor Lino Ferreira interview on stem cells and the research he is developing which includes the MPP test-bed Cardiostem

The MIT Portugal Program Professor Lino Ferreira, from the CNC UC and researcher at Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra (FMUC) was interviewed by RTP - Maratona da Saúde. The Professor spoke about his research on stem cells and its importance to develop therapies for the regeneration of cardiac muscle after infarction. Lino Ferreira is the PI from the MIT Portugal Test-bed Cardiostem, which objective is to build a scientific and technological platform based in the evaluation of stem cells todevelop treatment for cardiac diseases and provide new therapies for the cardiovascular system. The Professor spoke about Cardiostem at minute 3.40mn.

Lino FerreiraProfessor Lino Ferreira

Patrícia Pitrez interviewed about her project on Progeria, a model to discover new therapies for cardiovascular diseases

Patrícia Pitrez Pereira, a MIT Portugal Program Bioengineering PhD Student and researcher at the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra (FMUC) gave an interview on "90 Segundos de Ciência".

Her project is focused on studying Progeria, a rare, fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging in children to find how the smooth muscle cells of the heart are affected by aging and which mechanisms can be used to reverse this process.

According to the researcher the main objective of her doctoral work was to study the vulnerability of smooth muscle cells in Progeria's disease. Having this in mind, a model able of reproducing the loss of these cells in Progeria's disease was developed in the laboratory.

"We discovered a molecular target that we think is behind the loss of smooth muscle cells, so we did a trial in which we treated for six weeks mices with Progeria and we saw that after these six weeks, we had more smooth muscle cells In the aorta of these mice than in the control group. "

This discovery may allow, in the future, the development of new therapies capable of restoring the amount of smooth muscle cells and improving the cardiovascular system affected by the disease.

Patrícia PitrezPatrícia Pitrez working at the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra (FMUC)

Suscity and IAMAT test-bed projects featured on the Antena 1 Radio Program "90 Segundos de Ciência"

Two MIT Portugal Program Researchers were interviewed this week about their MPP projects, Suscity and IAMAT.

90 Segundos de Ciência is a Antena 1 Radio Program, focused on promoting Portuguese researchers and their work.

Pedro Camanho, MIT Portugal Program Professor at Universidade do Porto (FEUP) and vice-president of INEGI Porto was interviewed about his project IAMAT (Introduction of Advanced Materials Technologies into New Product Development for the Mobility Industries), one of the three MIT Portugal test-bed projects.

André Pina, postdoctoral researcher at IN + in collaboration with MIT Portugal Program projects, was interviewed on the Suscity Project. Suscity focuses on creating a data-driven urban model to allow the development of new tools and services in order to improve resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact in cities.