Carlos Gonçalves MIT Portugal EDAM-LTI PhD student at the University of Minho was interviewed on "90 Segundos de Ciência" about his project focused on the development of a compression sleeve to use in the treatment of swollen arm, a very common pathology in breast cancer patients.

The compression sleeve that is being developed under his project simulates the massages done by physiotherapists using "sensors and actuators that are able to replicate the 5 stages of compression thanks to this textile material". The massage is applied from the wrist to the shoulder, going through the different stages of compression.

This PhD project is a partnership between the University of Minho, the Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (CeNTI) and the MIT and is currently under a national licensing process according to the researcher "we are working on the necessary procedures for a European patent aklready thinking in a european commercialization of the project".

Carlos Gonçalves