The Suscity Project was once again highlighted in the media. The Buildings dashboard is digital platform for urban energy management, which is being developed under the scope of the MIT Portugal Program in a partnership with the University of Minho. The article is focused on the solutions presented by the dashboard to increase energy efficiency in buildings and the importance of taking measures as simple as changing windows, adapt the air conditioning to the building´ conditions or use photovoltaic panels in houses with the ideal solar orientation.

The platform will allow users to “run a diagnosis of energy consumption in these buildings and see what's the impact from an environmental point of view”, says Cláudia Sousa Monteiro MIT Portugal PhD Candidate and researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico.

According to Maribel Santos, head of the research team at the University of Minho "citizens can then use this data to make decisions and share their own information with the system, making it available to other citizens and continuously updated". 

The Suscity Building Dashboard is now in its final stage of research and it is foreseen that the control panel will be made public over the next year, through a website where anyone can have access to a map of the city, with information about the buildings and their consumption. 

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