The Suscity Buildings dashboard for urban energy management, is being developed under the SusCity Project in a partnership with the University of Minho and has already involved more than two dozen researchers. André Pina (IN+ and MIT Portugal Alumni), Claudia Sousa Monteiro (IN+ and MIT Portugal PhD Candidate) and Maribel Santos (Algoritmi Center - University of Minho), three of the main researchers of the project, were interviewed by Exame Informática Magazine about the Dashboard.

This online platform allows the spatial visualization of electricity consumption of residential and non-residential buildings and offers a way to analyze data and consequently make more informed decisions in urban energy management. The dashboard uses GPS, energy certificates, sensors and smart electricity monitors which are useful to provide fact-based decision support for several types of users and organizations. 

The Suscity project is focused on developing and integrating new tools and services to increase urban resource efficiency with minimum environmental impacts, while contributing to promote economic development and preserving the actual levels of reliability. 

Suscity dashboard image