Pedro Arezes, the MIT Portugal Program National Director, has a monthly opinion column in Duas Caras, a Guimarães Digital Newspaper, to approach topics related to science and technology.

The fourth article, published in August, is focused on what he refers as "the mother of all scientific battles", in an allusion to cancer research and the developments made in this area. In this article he shares his opinion about the recent discovery made by a Silicon Valley company named GRAIL, Inc. who developed a blood test that apparently can detect cancer when it stills can be cured.

The third article was published in June and focuses on the "science of love" refering to Neuroscience studies that analyse areas in the brain that are involved in romantic love. Helen Fisher is one of the well renowned scientists quoted in the article for her work on the Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love.

The second opinion article is focused on the evolution of the aerospace sector, space tourism and the work developed by SpaceX. The article also refers to the growing importance of this sector to Portugal and the latest bet by the Ministry of Science,Technology and Higher Education, through FCT, in a new research center which is being planned for the Azores in 2017 - AIR Center (Azores International Research Center).

The first article of this monhtly opinio was on the "emotional side" of technology and issues such as artificial intelligence and social intelligence.

Duas Caras PA