Henrique Pombeiro is a PhD candidate at the MIT Portugal Program & at the KIC InnoEnergy Program and a Founding Member of the MIT Portugal Energy Club. Henrique is also a founding partner of the Energy Sector startup – Watt-IS - a spinoff from the MIT Portugal Program that promotes energy efficiency to consumers where he has developed data analysis and processing algorithms and helped in the management of the company. 

Recently the Portuguese Magazine specialized in Buildings and Energy "O Instalador" published one of his papers entitled pdf "Determinação probabilística adaptativa de conforto térmico através da interação de utilizadores com ar condicionado. Desenvolvimento de um algoritmo de reinforcement learning" (2.58 MB)  ("Probabilistic adaptive evaluation of the thermal comfort through the interaction of users with air conditioning. Development of a reinforcement learning algorithm") co-authored by Carlos J. G. Gomes and Carlos Silva. 

The article is focused on the development of an algorithm for learning the thermal comfort of users through interaction with the air conditioning system. The algorithm is developed through reinforcement learning, by defining positive reinforcements when the algorithm controls the air conditioner without the user altering its state, and a negative reinforcement when the user changes the definitions of the air conditioning defined by the algorithm. The methodology is based on the definition of stochastic matrices. The results show that the algorithm is successful in determining in determining the comfort temperature of a user.