The MIT Portugal Program is dedicated to developing educational programs and opportunities around entrepreneurship and innovation. Past initiatives have included the Building Global Innovators accelerator, E3 Forum and International Workshop of Innovating (IWI), a hands-on program designed to expose participants to the critical elements that lead to venture creation. Under the MIT Portugal Partnership 2030 (MPP2030), we will host the IWI 2019 in June, continuing to provide participants with the opportunity to learn and interact with experts from the MIT ecosystem and with successful entrepreneurs, who will share their insights on critical skills for success and speak about their entrepreneurial journey.

The continued emphasis on innovation will be encouraged in all areas of the MIT Portugal Partnership 2030 research in addition to the onboarding of several Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professors from Portuguese universities.

Please see the below report to learn how Portugal, since 2006, has pursued a distinctive international collaborative strategy to induce critical changes in strategic focus areas at its leading institutions: Seeding Change through International University Partnerships: The MIT Portugal Program as a Driver of Internationalization, Networking, and Innovation