Since 2006, MIT Portugal Program Faculty and Students have actively contributed to the enrichment of the Portuguese Startup Ecosystems. Starting from technology developed within our Universities, these researchers saw their commercialization potential and have created the following companies.

Startup Ecosystem

Biomode - Biomolecular Determination, S.A.

Founding Date: 20/12/2010

Founding Members: Carina Almeida, Laura Cerqueira, Maria João Vieira, Nuno Azevedo

BioMode  uses a proprietary technology developed at the Universidade do Minho, and aims at developing diagnostic kits for medical and food industry applications. The first kit to be commercialized aims at the detection of Salmonella spp. in food samples. This kit entitled Probe4Salmonella is based on the PNA-FISH technology and will allow the reduction of the costs associated with the identification of foodborne pathogens.

BioMode - Biomolecular Determination SA obtained funding from InovCapital-ACTec venture fund and it is located at Spinpark - Technology-Based Incubation Centre.

Prizes / Awards / Other Distinctions: 

  • Best Innovation Prize (Natural Resources and food Sector, 2012)


Founding Date: 30/12/2010

Founding Members: Daniela Couto, David Braga Malta, Francisco dos Santos, Pedro Andrade

Cell2B mission is to give patients and caregivers improved advanced cell therapies to solve unmet clinical needs. Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) are a new generation of medical treatments. These new therapeutics hold great promise in the treatment of so far untreatable diseases. Cell2B is part of this change in medicine and provides new solutions in this emerging field.

Cell2B is the result of the founders’ graduate work and is the step towards the clinical application of the promising results achieved.

Cell2B is located at Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal.

Acquired Investment: 1.2M EUR working capital

Number of Employees: 11 employees

 Prizes / Awards / Other Distinctions:

  • Everis Foundation 2012
  • Arrisca-C Bluepharma 2011
  • BES Inovação 2011
  • Aces Wards Finalist 2011
  • Mulher Empresária - Start 2010


Founding Date: 2013

Founding Members: Karin Brandt, David Quinn, Daniel Wiesmann

coUrbanize is an online community management platform for urban developers to share project information with residents throughout the entire development process. For urban developers creating real estate, infrastructure, or planning projects, coUrbanize solicits online public input. Such feedback helps developers effectively address community concerns and minimize costly delays.

Relevant Contracts: Boston Properties

Prizes / Awards / Other Distinctions:

  • TechStars Boston 2013


Founding Date: 07/01/2009

Founding Members: Lino Ferreira, Biocant, Biocant Ventures

Matera is a bionanotechnology startup which mission is the development of materials and surfaces with antimicrobial properties for biomedical, environmental and industrial applications.

Matera makes antimicrobial nanocoatings that help keep the surfaces free of microbial colonization. The microbes are killed only upon direct contact with the surface. Since the biocide is not released, the microorganisms contact only with high surface concentrations, rather than with increasingly diluted amounts of biocide, which could lead to selection of resistant strains.

Matera is located at BIOCANT PARK – Parque Tecnológico de Cantanhede.


Founding Date: 15/04/2010

Founding Members: Isabel Rocha, Miguel Rocha, Bruno Ferreira, Simão Soares, Pedro Evangelista, Paulo Maia, Paulo Vilaça, Rafael Carreira, Hugo Costa

SilicoLife is devoted to accelerate strain and bioprocess optimization in Industrial Biotechnology by the use of proprietary computational and modelling tools. SilicoLife provides dedicated models, robust algorithms and user-friendly software tools to accelerate strain design and bioprocess optimization, therefore accelerating R&D efforts and shortening the time to market of new biotechnology-based products.

It is located at Spinpark - Technology-Based Incubation Centre

Number of Employees: 10

Relevant Contracts:

Prizes/Awards/Other Distinctions:

Treat U

Founding Date: 2010

Founding Members: João Nuno Moreira, Sérgio Simões, Vera Moura

TREAT U is dedicated to the development of targeted nanotechnology-based platforms for the specific delivery of drugs (either small drugs or siRNA) with technological advantages that outrun different products commercially available or in clinical trials, namely in the Oncology area. TREAT U’s platforms are an appealing technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry (costumer) for the reason that brings value to patients, physicians and the healthcare system (end-users). Treat U is located at Parque Industrial de Taveiro.

Watt Intelligent Solutions

Founding Date: 2012

Founding Members: André Pina, Carlos Silva, Miguel Carvalho

Watt Intelligent Solutions is a start-up company that aims to promote energy efficiency in the electricity sector by providing electricity providers and residential consumers a new layer of information about disaggregated electricity consumption of residential consumers in a non-intrusive way, through the analysis of smart metering data.