E3 Forum

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The E3 Forum is an international conference organized by PhD candidates from the MIT Portugal Program. We are a multicultural and multidisciplinary group of highly trained graduate students from a unique and exciting environment that combines European culture and education with the American entrepreneurial spirit and know-how. As doctoral students, and given the wide diversity of skills and competencies acquired during the PhD path, we nurture the idea that it is possible to contribute positively in addressing the challenges of a knowledge society requiring multidisciplinary thinking and in the establishment of relations between business and universities to leverage their potential.

The mission of E3 Forum is to add value to knowledge through the creation of synergies between students, the Academia, Industry, entrepreneurs, and policy makers. It is therefore an advantageous and inspiring environment for the discussion of strategic future directions for research, employment and entrepreneurship and to subsequently disseminate the outcome with the society (experts and non-experts, such as lawmakers and general public), bringing forth practical ideas, collaborations and action plans.