MIT Portugal Program (MPP) set out to make its contribution to Portuguese Engineering towards innovation, entrepreneurship and industry linkages on a broad front. All education tracks include mandatory components in the economic and business aspects of engineering, as well as training in policy, innovation management, and leadership. Seventy-one new courses were developed jointly by MIT and Portuguese faculty specifically for the program.

integrated approach

Program assessment has shown that MPP students ascribe to their program a much higher industry and entrepreneurial orientation, a stronger education in economics and business, more contact on a working level with industry engineers and scientist, and more course teaching by faculty from industry than peer students in other graduate engineering program at Portuguese universities.

For many students the innovation, entrepreneurship and industry focus of the program is a key for their application decisions. Approximately half of the MPP PhD students enter the program with prior work experience in industry, especially industrial R&D, and another third has other private sector work experience, which is about 50% higher than in comparable PhD programs in Portugal.

Seeding Change through International University Partnerships: The MIT Portugal Program as a Driver of Internationalization, Networking, and Innovation doi: 10.1057/hep.2012.28