The MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) in collaboration with the MIT Portugal can help you host a MIT student in your institution.
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The MISTI program enable MIT students (graduates and undergraduates) to have an experience abroad, especially in industrial environment.

How does the MIST program works:

  • Working closely with our host partners, MISTI program managers recruit MIT students and match each with a host and project.
  • Projects are designed to align the skills and interests of the student with the needs of the host.
  • Before departure, MISTI-Portugal offers support for travel and accommodation logistics and organizes cultural preparation events for students.
  • Internships typically last 3 months during the summer and also occur throughout the year.
  • Upon return, students submit reports and serve as Ambassadors for the MISTI program and the host company or research institute.
  • The majority of hosts provide a stipend to cover internship costs.
  • Many students continue collaboration with their hosts after completing the internship.

If you are in a company and you would be interested in hosting a MIT student, please contact us and will link you to the MISTI program.

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