October 1, 2018

8.30 Registration
9:00 Opening Session
       Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education
Paulo Ferrão, President of FCT
Dava Newman, MIT Portugal Partnership 2030 Director at MIT
Pedro Arezes, MIT Portugal Partnership 2030 Director in Portugal
9:30 Session #1 - MIT Portugal Partnership 2030: Research Focus Areas
  Earth Systems: Oceans to Near Space
     Dava Newman, MIT Portugal Partnership 2030 Director at MIT

  Climate Science & Climate Change
     José Moutinho, AIR Centre

  Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
     John Hart, MIT

  Sustainable Cities
     Jessika Trancik, MIT

  Presentation of upcoming call for flagship project proposals
     Dava Newman, MIT Portugal Partnership 2030 Director at MIT
Pedro Arezes,  MIT Portugal Partnership 2030 Director in Portugal
11:00 Coffee-break
11:30 Session #2 - MIT Portugal Program, Phase 2: Exploratory Projects
  BIOmedical DEVICE development based on pre-miRNA G-quadruplex
     Carla Cruz, UBI
  Multifunctional marine-inspired bioadhesives as medical devices for gastrointestinal anastomosis repair
     Ana Catarina Vale, UMinho/I3Bs
  New low-cost approach for solar-cells based on magnetoplasmonic nanostructures
     David Navas Otero, FCUP, UPorto
  Innovative High Altitude Balloon for Atlantic Observation: Fostering the Development of a Collaborative Platform for Integrated Aerial and Oceanic Research
     Dário Silva, IST, ULisbon
  Towards deep sea soundscaping
     Marcos Silva, UMinho
  ISY-AIR: An integrated system for urban scale air quality assessment and forescast
     Daniela Dias, UCoimbra
  Rational design of a thermostable esterase for the production of high-value bioplastics for biomedical applications
     Alexandra Carvalho, UCoimbra
  Marine oil spills: Green biological Emulsifiers agents production and autonomous Robotic tools for response optimization
     Frederico Ferreira, IST, ULisbon
  Development of new numerical tools and constitutive models to simulate the fused filament fabrication – a low-cost additive manufacturing process
     Jorge Belinha, FEUP, UPorto
  Additive Manufacturing of Innovative and Multifunctional Ceramic Products for Architectural Systems
     Paulo Cruz, UMinho
  FIRST: Mapping flexibility of urban energy systems
     Daniel Aelenei, FCT-UNL, Lisbon
  Streamlined environmental and cost life-cycle assessment of building retrofits: a decision-supporting tool
     Vanessa Tavares, UCoimbra
  UMove - Understanding User’s Needs, Preferences and Social Interactions for the Design of Future Mobility Services
      Carlos Bento, UCoimbra
  AWAREE – A data driven toWARds drivEr attEntion
    António Couto, FEUP, UPorto  |  António Lobo, FEUP, UPorto
13:00 Lunch, Networking & Poster Session
Workshop with Industrial Affiliates (by invitation only)
14:30 Session #3 - MIT Portugal: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Industry
  moderator: Douglas Hart, MIT Portugal Co-Director at MIT
  Why I&E is important, and how we are teaching and promoting it at MPP
     Nuno Arantes-Oliveira, MIT Portugal, IST, ULisbon
  Results of what has been done at MPP: Outcome of the student community survey
     João Bigotte, MIT Portugal, UCoimbra
  MPP entrepreneurs testimonials and debate
15:45 Coffee-break
16:00 Session #4 - MIT Portugal Program, Phase 2: Test-bed Presentations
  SusCity - Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitions
     Carlos Silva, IST, ULisbon
     João Serra, FCUL, ULisbon
  IAMAT - Introduction of advanced materials technologies into new product development for the mobility industries
     Pedro Camanho, FEUP, UPorto
Carolina Furtado, FEUP, UPorto
  CardioStem - Engineered cardiac tissues and stem cell-based therapies for cardiovascular applications
     Hugo Fernandes, UCoimbra
Maria Margarida Serra, iBET
Mariana Branco, IST, ULisbon
17:30 Closing Session & Poster Awards
       Bruce Tidor, MIT Office of the Associate Provost for International Activities
     António Cunha, MIT Portugal Partnership 2030, Governing Committee
Pedro Arezes, MIT Portugal Partnership 2030 Director in Portugal

October 2, 2018

9:00-12:00 Opportunity for networking sessions

All participants can take advantage during the conference day (October 1) to schedule a few meetings for October 2, and discuss research opportunities, project ideas, among other topics. The organization provides a room at Culturgest, available between 9.00-12.00, with tables and coffee-break.
This is a unique opportunity to meet with MIT and Portuguese faculty, as well as industrial affiliates in the same space.