Student Welcome Agenda

Main Auditorium (A 101), FEUP

As of 23 September

The MIT Portugal Program is excited to begin its fourth academic year with an event welcoming all students, both new and returning, from our four PhD and three Executive Master programs.

The purpose of the Student Welcome is to give you a sense of the breadth of our Program’s research initiatives, to introduce you to colleagues from your own area and from across the Program, and to challenge you with group activities aimed at building your teamwork capacity.

During the session, you will have the chance both to work in groups with students from other areas, and to hear from senior students and faculty in your area focusing on key issues relevant to you. We will close with a session in which the whole group talks about goals for this year.

Nearly 200 students from all of the MIT Portugal programs, as well as MIT students whose research is supported by MIT Portugal, will attend this special session.

14:00 / Welcome

14:15 / Keynote Speech

  • Dava Newman, Professor of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and Engineering Systems, MIT; Co-director, Bioengineering Systems, MIT Portugal

14:30 / Interactive group activities

Using the spaces inside and outside the buildings of FEUP, students will be divided into teams with representatives from all education programs, and led through challenging and fun activities that will build teamworking skills and awareness while introducing students to their peers.

    16:00 / Coffee break

    16:15 / Breakout sessions in areas

    Each of the four areas will have a discussion, led by senior students and faculty representatives, about the key research initiatives, distinctive educational activities, and other salient aspects of the student experience within the Doctoral and Executive Master courses offered in that area.

        17:15 / Reconvene for overall discussion

        Students from each area will be asked to share brief summaries of the key challenges and goals for self-development that arose from their area-based breakout sessions.

          17:45 / Closing address

              The program will be followed by a reception at 19:00 and dinner at 20:00 for registered students, both at the FEUP campus.