A coherent and integrated research agenda has been organized around strong inter-university partnerships in four areas of research – transportation systems integration, intelligent transportation systems, airport and airline systems, and high speed rail.

Integrated Transportation Systems

SOTUR: Transportation, Land Use, and Urban Revitalization

Intelligent Transportation Systems

SCUSSE: Innovative Services, Modes, and Congestion Management

CityMotion: Innovative Traveler Information


AirNets: Implications of Congestion for the Configuration of Airport Networks and Airline Networks

High Speed Rail (HSR)

HSR-LCC: Development of Tools for HSR Lifecycle Cost Estimation for Track Design and Maintenance

HSR-RISK: Risk Assessment and Management for High-Speed Rail Systems


The research agenda has been explicitly designed to:

  • capitalize on the relative strengths of each of the partner universities and create a truly integrated and cooperative intra-Portugal and trans-Atlantic program of related projects;
  • focus on research themes of high relevance in the contemporary transportation systems agenda worldwide, with a specific focus on applicability;
  • develop, refine and employ state-of-the-art analytical techniques and technologies; and,
  • engage existing national and international experts while simultaneously creating the next generation of experts in transportation systems.

The research work will be undertaken not only collaboratively across the participating universities, but will also involve the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), and key industriesand agencies, such as infrastructure managers, operators of the various modes, and multiple technological support companies.