After formal registration as a PhD student, the subject of the thesis and its work plan must be registered in the services of the Host School, within the period specified by the latter, which then provides the Observatory of Science and Technology with the necessary data for inclusion in the National Register of doctoral theses in progress.

The thesis must be delivered within a maximum delay of 10 semesters after registration of the relevant theme in the Observatory of Science and Technology but it is expected that the standard time for completion will be 4 semesters.

The rules on the constitution, appointment and functioning of the jury, on the presentation and public discussion of the thesis, on the award of final grade, on the delays for issue of the PhD title, of the certificates and the of the Diploma Supplement are those applied by the Host School.

A Professor from one of the participating schools other than the Host School must always be part of the jury.

The thesis must be submitted in draft form and standard format, in Portuguese or in English and must be accompanied by an opinion (s) of the advisor(s) and an abstract in Portuguese and in English.

After approval of the thesis in a public defense, the student should, within one month, deliver the final version, following the recommendations made by the jury and under control of the advisor, in a standardized format, mentioning the name(s) of the advisor(s) and of the members of the jury.