Faculty in Portugal and at MIT have designed a research program of collaboration among Sustainable Energy Systems focus area participants. This program will continue for 24–36 months past the curricular part of the Doctoral Program.

The identified research areas for Sustainable Energy Systems comprise the three following themes:

  • Energy Planning including Economics,
  • Sustainable Built Environment,
  • Smart Energy Networks.

The research activities in these areas will be developed within the framework of research projects. At the moment, the following projects have already been started:

  • GIP - Green Islands Project
  • SUES - Sustainable Energy Urban System

The research projects are defined such that the scope covers research activities in all areas.

SES Research Areas

The GIP and SUES projects integrate research activities in energy planning, built environment and smart networks.

Each year, the SES Program scientific committee will define a set of PhD research topics where students can develop their research activities within the MIT-Portugal research projects.  PhD students will be engaged in those projects, with MIT joint research supervision. For some students, the Doctoral Program will accommodate possible training periods at MIT laboratories (12-18 months) with joint projects with Portuguese research groups.