EDAM places a high priority on funding research projects that enhance the delivery of the courses in the two degree programs and enable new collaborations between Portuguese and MIT researchers and industrial affiliates. The projects are based on the two main themes of the focus area: Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing. The fields of research include:

  • EDAM in automotive
  • EDAM in aeronautics
  • EDAM in medical devices and micromanufacturing
  • Integrated cost and life cycle considerations in engineering design and manufacturing
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Social and human aspects in engineering design and manufacturing

Industrial Partners

EDAM Automotive

Multifunctional moulded auto parts with RIMCDP technologyFluidinova
Analysis and improvement of production linesVW AutoEuropa
Increasing flexibility and collaboration in the automotive supply chainSimoldes Plasticos
Flexible Information and Non-hierarchical Technologies for Complex Hierarchic Supply Chain Network 
Development of integrated systems for smart interiorsTMG; FiberSensing; Sunviauto; Iber-Oleff
Assessment and development of integrated systems for electric vehiclesCEIIA
Lean, agile, resilient and green supply chain managementVW AutoEuropa; Delphi
New materials and solutions for next generation seats: from TGV to regional trainsSunviauto

EDAM Aeronautics

New design concepts for aeronautical products welded by friction stirTAP
Repair of aeronautical structuresTAP
Space LogisticsESA

EDAM Medical Devices and Micromanufacturing

Wireless communication sensor networks for remote health monitoringCasa de Saúde de Guimarães; Hospital Privado de Guimarães
Micromoulding: cost model and technological solutionsCelopplas
New technological solutions for smart cardiovascular medical devices 
Shaping a biodegradable dream: chitosan based partsCeramed

Integrated Cost and Life Cycle in EDAM

Eco-efficient EDAM: systems approach to materials technology decision makingAMB3E
Lean design in product developmentRolls-Royce
Materials Selection Considering Technical Performance, Process Cost and Life Cycle EvaluationSodecia
Shifting the paradigm of plastic injection moulds: From Mould Design to Design the Mould's Life CycleMCGraça, Iber-Oleff
Golf Ball Picker Robot: path generation in unstructured environments towards multiple targetsSAR Robotics
Robustness of Lean Assembly Systems: The Effect of VariabilityIber-Oleff
Advances in mould laser technologies for high precision polymer based optical componentsOLESA
Improving the design and performance of industrial laser cutting machines through the use of new structural composite materials and hybrid solutionsADIRA
Sheet metal machine design and markets under uncertain future environments: cost based toolsADIRA
Automatic Classification and Quality Control for Car TiresContinental

Sustainable Solutions

ECODESIGN in Cork Applications for Nautical ProductsMarKayaks
Renewable materials in electric vehicles - ReMEVSEDACOR - JPS Cork Group

Social and Human Aspect in EDAM

Creativity in product developmentMANO; Brisa
Designing the travel experienceDouro Azul, Caetano Bus