Technology Management Enterprise (TME)

The Executive Master’s in Technology Management Enterprise (TME) is a joint degree offered by the University of Lisbon (IST), University of Minho (UMinho) and the University of Porto (FEUP).

TME is a 15 months modular intensive part-time program that trains technical managers for product development and production systems. Students learn management skills including human resources competences for bridging complex technical and management issues under a demanding production environment. The interdisciplinary engineering and management-based curriculum culminates in a thesis targeting an industrially oriented topic.

TME Target Students

Technical staff of Portuguese and European companies (with engineering education) aiming at developing a career in technical or production management, with 2-3 years of practical experience. Typical background formation (5 years) is mechanical, materials/polymer, electronic, industrial and chemical engineering. Other technical education background may be considered, based on relevant professional experience. The TME program is designed to allow the student to attend an academic program while continuing her/his professional activity.

TME Graduates Profile

TME graduates will be capable of leading multidisciplinary teams in product development and manufacturing operations to address  multiple challenges in engineering design and manufacturing, including: innovative product development, advanced processing / fabrication solutions, and optimization of production processes under an integrated perspective of the product cycle. Graduates get a formal Advanced Studies Certificate upon completion.

TME directors:

Elsa Henriques (IST)
Francisco Pires (FEUP)
Pedro Arezes (UMinho)