LTI students are required to take an industrial internship and spend a minimum of three months and a maximum of twelve months working on-site with EDAM industrial affiliates. At least three months must be spent with a single company; any time beyond this may be spent at additional companies.

Our internships are more than the "soft" internships found in many European companies. LTI internships are full-time placements that last for up to 12 months and place qualified and matched LTI PhD students with leading European companies. Two faculty advisors (one from MIT and one from Portugal) support the student. The supervisors visit the company to organize the project and review the on-location work. The work conducted by the intern student during the internship is agreed with the company and is framed within the student's doctoral thesis. The student's coursework is designed to develop relevant skills for this work.

Company Benefits

LTI Internship Partner companies have direct access to MIT and Portuguese university research through the faculty advisors, their research centers, and an annual meeting that additionally includes peer-to-peer networking and governance input into the LTI internships program. Further benefits include:

  • Up to 12 months placement of qualified interns, studying relevant material and supported by faculty advisors
  • Sponsor relevant applied doctoral research
  • Recruit from a pool of graduating PhD students
  • One MIT and one Portugal faculty advisor fly to  company's site for one day to organize the student’s project
  • Introduction to MIT and Portugal faculty and research programs
  • Partner with university research programs, or initiate company’s own research program
  • Participation on student activities  at the university, and hosting students visits
  • Annual meeting of LTI Partner companies (end May/beginning June)
  • Company-to-company networking and sharing of best practices
  • Program governance including student admissions and research programs
  • Access to MIT Industrial Liaison Program ( conferences and programs through the MIT Portugal Program

Profile of Eligible Company

  • Large European corporation with multinational/global business orientation
  • Strong technology focus with substantial R&D budget
  • Complex engineering systems management issues in product development and/or manufacturing