Associated MIT departments and centers:

Engineering Systems Division
Department of Chemical Engineering
Harvard–MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
Picower Institute of Learning and Memory
Biological Engineering Division
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation
Sloan School of Management

Associated MIT programs and initiatives include:

Computational and Systems Biology Initiative (CSBi)
Program on the Pharmaceutical Industry (POPI)
Program on Emerging Technologies (PoET)

Associated MIT laboratories include:

Charles L. Cooney Group
DIC Wang Research Group
Hammond Research Group
Laboratory for Functional Imaging of Cartilage
Langer Lab
Littleton Lab
Man-Vehicle Lab (MVL)
MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI)
Nedivi Lab
Picower Institute for Learning and Memory
Prather Lab
Tonegawa Lab

Portuguese Universities and R&D Centers:

Three Portuguese Universities lead the program and will confer joint degrees:

Universidade Técnica de Lisboa / Instituto Superior Técnico (UTL/IST)
Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA)
Universidade do Minho (UM)

The Portuguese University collaboration might grow in the future to include the University of Porto, in order to allow the participation of research groups from Universidade do Porto including INEB that have on-going collaborations with MIT faculty. Additional expertise and collaboration with colleagues in Coimbra at the Laboratório Associado, Centro de Neurociências e Biologia Celular (CNBC) has also been identified. Initially, the core research centers involved in the program are the Associate Laboratories (Laboratórios Associados):

Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (ITQB)
REQUIMTE, Associate Laboratory for Green Chemistry
Institute of Biotechnology and Bioengineering (IBB)

In addition to these core collaborators, other research centers will be invited to collaborate. In particular, in the areas of Innovation Studies and Entrepreneurship, contributions and collaborations with the School of Economics of NOVA and IN+ of IST will work closely with MIT faculty from the Deshpande Center and the Sloan School of Management.