Below there is a list of all the exploratory projects that begun last year and that are ongoing during 2017/2018, along with the link to their main page and the name of the Project Coordinator.

  1. Multifunctional marine-inspired bioadhesives as medical devices for gastrointestinal anastomosis repair
    Natália M. Alves, UMinho

  2. Ureteral stents as chemotherapy delivery systems for urological tumors
    Ana Rita Duarte, UMinho

  3. BIOmedical DEVICE development based on pre-miRNA G-quadruplex
    Carla Cruz, UBI

  4. New low-cost approach for solar-cells based on magnetoplasmonic nanostructures
    David Navas Otero, FCUP

  5. Innovative High-Altitude Balloon for Atlantic Observation: Fostering the Development of a Collaborative Platform for Integrated Aerial and Oceanic Research
    José Azinheira, IST | Dário Silva, IST

  6. Towards deep sea soundscaping
    Marcos Silva, UMinho

  7. ISY-AIR: An integrated system for urban scale air quality assessment and forecast
    Oxana Tchepel, UCoimbra

  8. Rational design of a thermostable esterase for the production of high-value bioplastics for biomedical applications
    Alexandra Carvalho, UCoimbra

  9. Marine oil spills: Green biological Emulsifiers agents’ production and autonomous Robotic tools for response optimization
    Frederico Ferreira, IST

  10. Development of new numerical tools and constitutive models to simulate the fused filament fabrication – a low-cost additive manufacturing process
    Jorge Belinha, FEUP/INEGI

  11. Additive Manufacturing of Innovative and Multifunctional Ceramic Products for Architectural Systems
    Paulo Cruz, UMinho

  12. FIRST: Mapping flexibility of urban energy systems
    Daniel Aelenei, FCT/UNL

  13. Streamlined environmental and cost life-cycle assessment of building retrofits: a decision-supporting tool
    Fausto Freire, UCoimbra

  14. UMove - Understanding User’s Needs, Preferences and Social Interactions for the Design of Future Mobility Services
    Carlos Bento, UCoimbra

  15. AWAREE: a data driven towards to drivers’ attention
    Sara Ferreira, FEUP

  16. MOBI-AGE - Promoting urban mobility in ageing populations
    Anabela Ribeiro, FEUP

  17. Ferrofluidic Extensional Rheological Response for Ocean CLEAN-up
    Francisco Rosales, FEUP

  18. Engineering biosensors for human cell type and state diagnosis using synthetic digital computation
    Alisson Gontijo, UNL

  19. WSMART ROUTE – Waste Collection based on a Real Time Route Planning System
    Tânia Ramos, IST-CEG

  20. Tuberculosis meets fuel cells. An innovative vision to passive DMFC: electrochemical biosensors
    Lúcia Brandão, ISEP