Economic prosperity and societal progress depend increasingly on nations’ ability to mobilize their “knowledge triangle”: education, research, and innovation. Technological change and the global circulation of ideas, talents, and goods have led to the rapid advancement of emerging economies. The same factors have challenged those economies to maintain and increase their competitiveness.

Portugal has identified scientific and technological development as a national priority, and in 2006, joined with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to launch the MIT Portugal Program to expand the country’s opportunities for long-term success in the globalized knowledge economy. This initiative was designed to strengthen Portugal’s universities in four key areas: transportation, bioengineering, sustainable energy, and engineering design and advanced manufacturing.

During the first five years, the MIT Portugal Program’s has been committed to develop world-class educational programs and in undertake cutting-edge research that contributes to the development of new knowledge-based industries. We have been able to contribute for a strong network among Portugal’s universities, establish and foster university-industry ties that enable joint projects producing high-impact applied research and in the promotion of an innovation-and-entrepreneurship ecosystem. The investment in human resource development in Portugal we have undertaken, and the unique collaborations we have fostered between Portugal and MIT area also patent at our reports.


pdf MIT Portugal Brochure: its Students, world-class Research and Innovation & Entrepreneurship (14.10 MB)


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2006 - 2011

pdf A research platform involving Portuguese Universities and the MIT to promote the advancement of knowledge and capacity of industry to access markets worldwide (10.18 MB)

2006 - 2011

pdf A network of advanced studies involving Portuguese Universities and the MIT (53.38 MB)


pdf Training the Leaders of the Future - Doctoral Students 2010 (3.47 MB)

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