To remain competitive globally, companies need to be innovative. Becoming a MIT Portugal Industrial Affiliate gives companies the opportunity to access internationally-recognized experts, innovative technology, unique research opportunities. Innovation is a key factor in attaining and maintaining competitive advantage.

Through innovation, firms can:

  • not only keep pace with industry changes, but become leaders in introducing changes for other firms in their industries to follow;
  • develop more competitive products and processes;
  • create and adopt the most advanced research, technology development, and management practices; and
  • attract and retain outstanding professionals.

On an institutional level, Industrial Affiliates in the MIT Portugal Program will benefit through:

  • access to the best university research programs at both MIT and at top Portuguese universities in the fields of engineering, technology, and business development;
  • opportunities to participate in joint or sponsored research with institutions that have an open and fresh perspective on possible solutions to corporations' technological and business issues; and
  • opportunities to strengthen their relationships with educational institutions that have extensive experience and a deep understanding of knowledge and technology transfer from leading universities to corporations.

On a personal level, participants will benefit through:

  • opportunities to participate in professional networking and knowledge-building events in connection with the program's seminars, conferences, and workshops;
  • opportunities to participate in professional development and executive education programs designed to enhance the ideas, thinking, knowledge, and skills of key executives;
  • access to the best students in their fields of research as a source of future executive and engineering talent; and
  • interaction with faculty members who are internationally recognized experts and who are involved in research that is at the forefront of exploring new solutions to tomorrow's engineering and business challenges.

For further information on the Industrial Affiliates Program or to join, please contact the MIT Portugal Program coordination office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.